OSI Group’s Environmental Conservation Techniques

Currently, OSI Group is among the most significant food producing companies all over the world. The growth of the company started in 1909 when it was just a small butcher shop in Oakland Chicago. The butcher was given the contract to supply McDonald’s restaurants network with its foodstuffs. This was the point at which the butchery started its growth, and the company slowly grew to one of the essential businesses. In the Mid 1970’s Sheldon Lavin joined OSI and has helped the company very much in its growth. He is the Chairman and the Chief Executive who oversees the many OSI development and acquisitions together with the President and Chief Operations Officer, David McDonald. During his career, Lavin helped the company to embrace modern technologies and strategies to increase production and on how to take care of the environment.

The award-winning leader has many prestigious awards including the California Green Award and Global Visionary Award to name but a few. The desire to embrace modern technologies and strategies is the core value of the company’s success. In that connection, OSI Group opened two Culinary Innovation centers in China and the United States. The facilities are at the center of coming up with the new style of reducing the company’s environmental impact from its many plants.

To accomplish the initiative, they are packed with credible investment in coming up with better lines and supplies, which cater for the welfare of its customers. As an experienced and heavy food producer, the company has the resources to develop best operating practices across all its branches.

In 2017, OSI Group created the position of chief sustainability innovations officer in line with the structure of corporate governance. The person given the mandate to head that docket was Johnson Hoffman who was the senior vice president of OSI. His duties were to oversee the company’s strategies in global sustainability and to help in guiding the company on the available sustainability dimensions throughout the company’s supply chain. His contribution was an addition to the efforts by McDonald, the President in sustainable food production and green initiative together with the company’s corporate agenda. McDonald is also the founder of GRSB, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef in 2011, which the company embraces in its sustainability efforts. OSI Group is engaged in best practices including forest conservation, water quality, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The strategies wrap up the company’s target in adding common goals to strengthen the food production system.