Ryan Seacrest: The World’s Most Charming Host

Hosts. Hosts are an important part of television and radio. They help iterate what is happening to the viewer. They are typically charming and contagious personalities are responsible for swaying the crowd and entertaining the masses. There have been many famous hosts over the years. One of the biggest of the 2000s is Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest is the man in the fitted blue suit with a gold watch and crisp shoes. He has a smile that could charm a criminal out of his stash. American Idol made Ryan Seacrest a household name. But, Ryan has been involved in far more than the American talent show.

To start, Ryan Seacrest’s trademark on the landscape of American popular modern-media has shaped the course of media. American Idol drew in over 20 million people an episode and became a global phenomenon that shook traditional media to its core. If you think that being an American Idol host is the only example of Ryan Seacrest’s stamp on media, you would be terribly wrong. Ever heard of the show Keeping up with the Kardashians. The crazy-famous reality show is produced by none other than Ryan Seacrest himself. The show and all of its spin-offs are directly created and influenced by Ryan Seacrest.

Of course, other than Keeping up with the Kardashians, Ryan has produced other famous shows such as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Besides television, Ryan has heavily influenced radio as well. Seacrest is the host of American Top 40, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and, of course, On Air With Ryan Seacrest. All these radio shows make Seacrest a definitive host of modern radio.

Besides his stamp on modern-media, Ryan Seacrest has been active in the community as well. Other the foundation he established, Ryan works with pediatric hospitals to create, what he calls, Seacrest Studios. Seacrest installs these centers to give children an opportunity to work directly in the sphere of media. Children have a chance to host shows, learn from celebrities, and see the inner-workings of television. Children can watch live performances from celebrities (both in person and over closed-circuit television) and DJs. Seacrest Studios gives children a chance to create music, TV , and videos on the green screen in the studio as well. This gives children a creative outlet as well as acting as a source of inspiration and cheer for the sick children. Feel free to contact Ryan if you want to know more about him on http://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest and https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en.

Simple Answers To Common Questions About Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Videos about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks have gone viral. The interest is there. Many people have reservations. The following are answers to the most common and most important questions that people have about Freedom Checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

Are they legal?

Freedom Checks are one hundred percent legal. The program that makes this form of income possible was created by the United States Congress in 1981. Matt Badiali did not discover this form of passive income. It has existed for years. He did bring the availability of this income stream to the attention of smaller investors.

The basis of the income that these investments can produce is the limited tax liability that the corporations were given by Congress. Not every company can qualify. The tax code was changed again and again until 1987.

As of 1987, any company that is involved in natural resource development even in a tangential manner is qualified to receive special tax consideration. The structure has become known as a master limited partnership.

The master limited partnership stock is traded just like any other stock. The idea behind limited taxation was to assist the country in achieving energy independence.

Do they make money?

This is an investment opportunity. A person has to understand what dividend reinvestment does for them. An example will help.

You buy some of the shares of one of the tax-free companies. You will pay tax on any dividends that the company makes. You can avoid paying a large amount of those taxes by reinvesting your dividend payments in the company stock. This is a smart thing to do because the companies that have the tax advantage are very profitable and long-lived organizations like The Blackstone Group – a private financial services management group.

Putting your money back into the stock keeps taxes low and profits higher for you over time.

How can Badiali claim that you can make so much each month?

The simple answer is opportunism. Badiali is watching the market closely. He sees when each master limited partnership is about to pay a dividend. This is when an investor should buy in. There is a short time frame to qualify for the dividend. You have the choice of keeping the income and paying taxes or reinvesting. Reinvesting does not mean you have to reinvest in the same master limited partnership.

The idea is to repeat this same behavior again and again. Even a small investment can produce a substantial tax fee return if you do what Badiali suggests. Check: https://affiliatedork.com/matt-badialis-freedom-checks-real


Jed McCaleb – A Crypto Technology Genius with a Vision to Change the World

Jed McCaleb believes that blockchain technology will change the very nature of banking. The industries he thinks the technology will affect include the stock market, banking, payments made around the world, and fundraising to name a few. Jed McCaleb is the founder of Mt. Gox. He is also the founder of Stellar. Of course, his ties to crypto currency go all the way back to its beginning.

His confidence level in the technology is peaking now that it seems the world is taking notice of crypto currency. He believes there will have to be a universal payment system that people will have access to, but that cannot arbitrarily change. People will still be able to use their current currency in his new creation called Stellar.

Stellar is far more than just a fast crytocurrency. Partner organizations, Anchors, are entities that people trust and that can provide lines of credit for people who use the network. The dollar and euro are examples of assets that back the network. This would allow someone from their country to send or pay money to another country with an extremely low transaction fee.

The transaction automatically updates on a Stellar ledger. Another brilliant aspect of the system is that it decentralizes exchanges. An attempt to convert between exchanges will automatically find an individual the best exchange rate. The system accomplishes this by matching buy and sell orders from partner organizations that actually hold the currency.

Another benefit, almost unrecognized, is the decentralized element that drives the Stellar Network. It can trade anything that is within the Stellar Network. People can watch others buy and sell orders live on the Stellar Dashboard. Jed McCaleb is a genius who is on a mission to improve the conditions of people around the world. He believes the world’s financial systems are broken and that far too many people are void of resources as a result. His system would help millions of people gain access to resources that might otherwise pass them by. His technology is truly disruptive.

Additional reading material: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/03/23/the-rise-of-the-alt-coin-according-to-the-stellar-co-founder.html

Jed McCaleb – At The Forefront Of Blockchain Since The Beginning

Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur who stands poised to change the game in the blockchain industry with his company Stellar. Jed McCaleb has made some bold predictions which include future disruptions for areas such as the stock market and global payments. These disruptions will be due to the blockchain revolution. Jed has played his own major role in the rise of blockchain as the founder of the famous Mt. Gox. As someone who has been with the blockchain and crypto fields since their early days, Jed McCaleb is excited about the fact that they are on the brink of becoming mainstream.

Jed McCaleb’s founding of Mt. Gox had interesting beginnings as it was initially a service that was tied into the Magic: The Gathering community. When Jed McCaleb became immersed in the world of bitcoin in 2010 he then transformed Mt. Gox into an exchange for the trading of bitcoin. Jed sold Mt. Gox to a developer named Mark Karpelès in 2011.

Jed McCaleb’s main current pursuit is Stellar. The company provides the opportunity for people to exchange money through an open source protocol. It is part of Jed’s goal to fix the world’s financial industry. He feels that it is broken, and it is time to move into the future in the present. Many nonprofit organizations have benefitted from the existence of Stellar. This has particularly been the case for organizations that operate outside of the developed world. Stellar serves the payment provider KlickEx in the area of payment solutions between international borders.

In an article published on CNBC, it was mentioned that Jed McCaleb also adds to his busy schedule by serving as an advisor with Machine Intelligence Research Institute in its work on developing AI in an ethical manner. The Machine Intelligence Research Institute takes a progressive stance in its fundraising efforts and accepts cryptocurrencies in its efforts to change the world.

Discover more here: http://analystoffinance.com/2018/02/jed-mccaleb-newest-venture-stellar/

Talkspace: Online and Free Therapy

For someone wanting to obtain therapy for a mental illness by their own efforts, he or she can now use an app called Talkspace. Reports reveal that online therapy has been shown to be just as effective as if you were in an office facing a traditional therapist. This same report says that online therapy is the “treatment of the future” when it comes to finding therapy for a mental health issue. It doesn’t matter is you suffer from depression, anxiety or different disorder. When it comes to choosing the right online therapist it can get a little tricky. Some might offer free therapy which often times is not the best choice.

Mental health jobs lack workers and make up only 9 out of 100,000 per population, exposing a serious gap in providing help for those in need. It’s noted nearly 55 percent of Americans don’t seek help for their mental health problems. Talkspace, an online app that matches therapists with patients, is currently leading the market in online therapy. Their therapists are highly trained and have the practical hours needed to assist and guide patients in their mental health concerns. Their platform is very secure and everything is held in confidence.

The difference between online therapy and free therapy is the non-licensed therapist offering advice versus talking to a certified licensed professional. Researching articles online about your mental illness challenges can be very helpful. Your therapists main job is to not cure you but help guide you through rough times in your life that are creating major problems. All of Talkspace’s therapists go through on-boarding for six weeks. To make sure your are working with a qualified therapist, look at their titles and suffixes to determine their accreditation. The majority of states are hard on regulations and protect these specific titles to make sure they are legit.

Dr. James Toner: Specialist In Obstetrics and Gynecology In Atlanta

Dr. James Toner is someone who has gained an impressive reputation for being an infertility specialist in Atlanta. Dr. Toner has been working in the industry for several years and has served countless patients in the field that he works in. Because of the work that he has done, several people all over Atlanta have managed to achieve their goals of having a family. The main area that Dr. Toner specializes in is within the field of gynecology. He is a member of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has received accreditation from them. He attained his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr. Toner knows that every patient coming to him might be coming for a variety of needs. For some, it may be because of a condition that they are experiencing, or for some, it would be with the intention of starting up a family. The conditions that Dr. Toner is known to treat at the clinic that he runs include Amenorrhea, Endometriosis, Infertility, Miscarriages, Perimenopause, Uterine Fibroids and a lot more.

Dr. Jim Toner is also known to perform several procedures at his clinic. These procedures are only conducted after the patients are thoroughly examined, and the right course of action is determined. Some of these services that are provided here by Dr. Toner were Donor Egg Collection, Fibroid Tumor Surgery, Genetic Testing, Hysteroscopies, Laparoscopies and a lot more.

While Dr. Toner tries his best to offer a wide range of services, the one vital factors that he tries to pay attention to is implementing the very best resources for the benefit of the patients. The treatment options that patients are offered, and the equipment used are all considered to be some of the highest grades of industry standards and are in keeping with the latest developments in the medical field.

Dr. Toner has shaped up to be such a prestigious name in the field is because of the work that he did while working for several well-known clinics. He worked at some of the best institutions and learned under some of the best in the field, which is what shaped him up to be the doctor that he is today.

Because of the work that Dr. Toner has done, he has won several awards, which were given to him by prestigious organizations and institutions. Some of these awards include the Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba-Geigy Award, the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award, the American Fertility Society Ortho Award and many more. He also stands as a member of several notable organizations that are working towards the development of the field of gynecology. To book an appointment with Dr. Toner, go to https://doctor.webmd.com/.

Entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis find biggest success yet with Jeunesse Global

By 2009, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had already become widely known as two of the most gifted entrepreneurs in the North American direct-marketing business. The couple had founded many highly successful businesses, making a name for themselves as a formidable team that was capable of successfully building companies throughout a variety of sectors and representing a wide range of products.

But it was in that same year that Ray and Lewis decided to try a life of retirement. The couple was now nearing their 70s and wanted to spend more time with their grandkids and with each other. But they soon discovered that they weren’t cut out for the endless boredom and lack of purpose inherent in the retired life. Ray and Lewis quickly grew terminally bored. They started selling a few products out of their sprawling Florida estate. It wasn’t long before their new venture, which they were now calling Jeunesse Global, began to really take off.

Within one year, Ray had been able to recruit some of the top direct-marketing professionals in the business. By bringing on major distribution and recruiting talent in the earliest stages, the company was able to quickly begin growing its ranks. At the same time, Lewis was able to use her expertise as a market researcher and product developer. She quickly put together an impressive lineup of highly innovative products that addressed market niches that had been largely ignored by some of the largest players in the business.

This proved quickly to be a winning formula. By the fifth year of its existence, Jeunesse had grown into a multi-million-dollar company. Today, it ranks as one of the fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty industry. By some estimates, Jeunesse may be worth upwards of $1 billion. The company has also helped thousands of distributors to become financially independent. Many of these are people located in disadvantaged regions of the globe, who credit Jeunesse with helping them and their families escape poverty for the first time in generations.

On top of all this, Jeunesse continues to see huge growth in the sale of its sought-after products.


Increasing Wealth with HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors are helping people get the job done when it comes to investing. This is a group of portfolio managers and investment planners that have can help people  create long-term wealth.

Clients can have any number of different needs when it comes to their investments. Some people are looking for a great return on investment. Others may have wealth and want to know where to invest. These needs can vary widely because everyone is trying to find a solution based on where they are in life. There are a lot of adults that are part of a sandwich generation where they are taking care of their parents and their children.

They can get help from HCR Wealth Advisors because the firm can carve out a plan that will help them reach their financial goals even when the majority of their money is going towards helping someone else.

A lot of people have a hard time simply getting to the stage in life where they feel the money that can be used for investing. So many people look at the possibilities with investing and they assume that this is not something that they can do. What HCR Wealth Advisors can do is help people sort out a plan that allows them to meet their financial goals. People can make the most of their funds when they are looking for a way to increase wealth.

As noted on their Facebook profile, the main thing that people must take into consideration is that there are only so many hours in the course of a day. Everyone that is trying to invest will not always have sufficient funds to do so. It is going to be in their best interest to meet with advisors like  HCR Wealth Advisors which assess different risk factors and help you create a portfolio for your personal financial situation.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Alex Pall, Immense Intention

The Chainsmokers were uncommonly aquatinted in the city where Alex Pall did a lot of his side ambitions at this conjunction in time. They both share common values and mutual views when it comes to how to position themselves to win in the complexities of business endeavors. These two were not always in the same boat from the start though, as Alex Pall came from New York City and Andrew Taggart hailed from Maine. In the government structered education halls in Maine Andrew Taggart traveled to and fro from, he always harbored a precious fascination and beautiful interest in production and creating actual radio quality disk jockey tracks. His affinity for electronic music did not spread to the general population however until he completed his studies at the college he ventured at. In the meantime he was getting news that the place to show up at was The Big Apple if he wanted to go all in with his musical vision. He eventually gave into his desire to craft his musical legacy and took a bus to an art exibit where there was a working side musician at the time whose name was Alex Pall. How they came to be was accredited to the music industry, and when they met progress was immediately made. They agreed in values that depicted disdain for simply playing random music to take the chance that the audience might like them, and instead they integrated their actual feelings and human experiences into the notes they co-created and as a result, record hits like Closer and Roses were mass marketed. They also compliment each other’s strengths and virtues in the throes of the music business with Alex Palls list of frequent gigs he would embark on coupled with his networking skills and Andrew Taggart’s gift for above average music production, they together undoubtedly stood out as unstoppable in the adventure they were to immerse themselves in.



Oxford Club consists of worldwide investors and business visionaries. It utilizes exceptional, reliable speculation procedures, assured standards trading system and outflank routine returns in numerous benefit classes. The organization proposals include cover values, securities, choices, reserves, land, precious stones and digital currencies. The purpose is to help individuals make an outstanding long-term investment and also appreciate a vibrant life beyond the use of money.

The club is comprised of CEO Julia Guth working with an official group skilled in distributing, publication, client administration, tasks, and promoting. Oxford Club utilizes skilled strategists from different resource classes, stocks, private value, to salary contributing to securities and profits, to purchasing digital forms of money.

Oxford Club was initiated in the year 1989 by the name Passport Club and later changed its title in 1991. The facilitator from Agora organization Mr. William Bonner started Oxford Club. The founder understood business and speculation openings are discovered right on time, through research and individual connections and not in the media.

The Oxford Club has three participation levels in particular:

Premier Membership: This is the first on the level of enrollment, yet Members here appreciate a large number of the Club’s advantages.

Director’s Circle: They comprise of long-lasting Members of the Oxford Club. This level is for speculators with a full sense of duty regarding the Club and gives Members access to each of the three Oxford Club pamphlets. These Members can hand down their enrollment to relatives, additionally enabling them to appreciate the full advantages of this participation level.

Chairman’s Circle: This is the maximum level of participation, and the most advantaged. Members approach special packages of the Club site and also lifetime access to the majority of the Club’s distributions.

Oxford Club’s viewpoint perspective can be explored better by simply checking out their enrollment benefits. They offer speculation data, but on the other hand, this goes past giving individuals routine and network proposals. Members of the Oxford Club appreciate the chance to coordinate with different individuals from 131 nations amid club occasions and additionally have the chance to relate to each other towards real estate.