Jim Toner – Keys To Happiness And Success

Entrepreneur and teacher, Jim Toner, has taught people his strategies to financial freedom using his 12 Little Houses Plan. He has been in the real estate investment business for more than two and a half decades. Toner is a successful businessman, his expertise and personal experiences and values are keys to his happiness and success.

Take Care of Your Mind and Body

Angel.co mentioned that Jim Toner starts his day spending time clearing his mind and simply thinking. He is an avid reader who believes in the mental power and life lessons that can be learned, and he makes reading daily a part of his morning regimen. He is at the gym first thing in the morning pushing himself and working his body. Jim enjoys listening to podcast of books while he is working out.

This type of routine takes discipline. Taking care of the mind and body is essential to increasing productivity. And being productive will have a positive effect on any business venture.

Jim Toner’s Strategy to Growing a Business

Money does not equal your self worth it is simply a tool to use in life. Be realistic, failure and being broke is not the end of the road it is, however, an opportunity to learn and get back out there and take action. Each day brings with it a chance to rebuild and move forward in life.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner suggest daily reading. Read, read and read more, you can learn from those who have succeeded. Pay close attention to the habits of successful entrepreneurs. Take note of what has worked, and be determined to achieve goals. Study, implement and repeat worthwhile and successful habits that you learn. There are no excuses, today you can listen to books.

The Power of Giving Without Expectations

One strategy that Jim Toner shares, learn to give away your money and feel good about helping someone else. Jim is a real estate investor, writer, teacher and philanthropist. He works with the homeless, veterans and is on the Advisory Board Chair for a Salvation Army branch in PA.

If you want to be happy and successful in life then start giving to others. He recommends that you should give one tenth of every dollar. Focus on how good it feels to use your money to help someone else and you will see a it return to you multiplied. But Toner is clear, if you begin giving then do it with absolutely no expectations.

Jim Toner is a successful businessman, but he has faced pitfalls and failures. He has a positive attitude, and has shared his story about how he was able to over-come failure in his “Jim Turner is Dead” manifesto.

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Neuroscientist Jorge Moll’s Study Lends Validity to Previous Spiritual Theories of Generosity

Brazilian Neuroscientist Jorge Moll spearheaded a study at the National Institute of Health in 2006 that has brought up a lot of questions about how our brain’s physiology can affect our sense of altruism and morality. Moll and colleague Jordan Grafman designed the study which scanned the brains of participants when they were given scenarios in which they were asked whether they would donate money to charity or keep it.


What the study found was that when participants made the decision to donate and be charitable, it activated a primordial part of the brain. This more primal brain component is connected to the more basic functions such as the brain’s response to food and even sex. Based on these findings, morality and altruism do not seem to be part of the more ethical, advanced type of thinking, but instead is more or less linked to the brain’s responses to human pleasures. Thus, it seems we as humans are charitable because of how good it makes us feel when we give, knowing we are actively helping our fellow man, or other creatures of the world. When one thinks about lessons from spiritual leaders and theorists who have been saying for years upon years that giving and being generous with what we have can fulfill us more than taking and keeping everything, this study validates this.


Jorge Moll is the President and Senior Researcher of D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specializing in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. He is the head of the Cognitive Neurosciences Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup at the Institute. In 2008, he was elected an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and from 2012 to 2013 a governor’s board member of the International Neuroethics Society. He received the Research Fellow NIH Award for the years 2004 through 2007, as well as the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute, Stanford University, in 2015.


How Ambition And Hard Work Groomed Lee May Into The Man He Is Today

While the real estate is termed as one of the most lucrative business deals, it still poses a considerable risk for the players. The fact that it is also one of the most competitive industries does little to help and chasing the elusive success in this field can prove to be quite an uphill task. But with proper motivation and hard work to match it up, succeeding here is imminent. This was lee may strategy into carving out a name for himself as one of the most successful developers in the London real estate market. But what did it take to get here and how has this position influenced his life.


Getting to the top


From an early start, Lee May understand that you need to first find the base of a ladder before you start the climb. He would, therefore, start as a supporting laborer in construction sites at the age of 16. He would later join North West ken College where he graduated with a certification in bricklaying. He started out as a bricklayer but he wasn’t cut out for the labor part and had become bricklayer subcontractor by the age of 23. Five years later, Lee was running the biggest and most recognizable brickwork subcontracting company south of England with an employee base of over 600.

He would use this new exposure to experiment on his entrepreneurial talent by investing in numerous projects around the country and abroad. The new-found fame also exposed him to some of the most complex building projects in a construction industry career that would span for the next 25 years. Over the years, national and international construction companies like Beamridge have consistently turned to him for professional advice on how to go about developing some of their complex projects.


How success influenced him


Lee May is driven by the desire to of becoming one of the largest developers in south-east London. This, however, hasn’t stopped him from engaging in numerous philanthropic courses that help uplift the community and courses he holds dear to heart. Most recently he engaged in a fund drive aimed to help Nemesis Boxing Club raise £20,000 to buy a bus for the transport of its youthful boxing enthusiasts.


The Custom Companies Uses Technology and Customer Service For Success

The Custom Companies provides full service transportation services, and has offices in California and Illinois. The company has drivers in several parts of the country that drive trucks. Today it has over 2,000 pieces of equipment, and many employees.


The most important aspect of the company is the mutual respect and quality service the employees provide to customers. They work to meet the needs of their customers shipping needs on a personal level. Services are customized to the customers needs.


The company provides several quality transportation services to companies. Some of these services are international and domestic freight, direct mail distribution, ground shipping, logistics management, and pick and pack services. They trucks are temperature controlled. They treat each client as a partnership and make their goals a reality.


The Custom Companies currently holds the ISO 9001-2008 certification, and the company employees strive to help customers in whatever way they can. The provide services for regular shipments and last minute shipments on holidays. Workers always check to make sure shipments are correct the first time. There is a standard of accuracy to get shipments right the first time.


Company employees are trained to work as part of a team. CEO of The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera served in the military, as a Marine, and learned teamwork. He uses his training to promote strong bonds between employees. The company values customer feedback, and develops strong relationships with clients too.


The company has a user friendly websites with unique features that is easy to use. They used client feedback when designing the website. Their technology provide tracking on shipments for clients, accounting, fast quotes, and other services.


One software the company uses is Cheetah Dispatch. It is for company drivers and gives them information on delivery time, pickup times, and schedules. Each driver has a tablet with satellite tracking that uses this software. It eliminates paperwork and time consuming tasks. The Dock Management software uses bar codes for all shipments eliminating paperwork, and Warehouse Management allows clients to track shipments.


Customer service and technology make this company a success for employees and clients.



Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical organization that develops, researches, commercializes and manufactures treatments for movement and rare neurological disorders. The organization creates medicines for rare diseases which are hard to treat and for a population of a smaller number of patients. They involve, neuromyelitis optica, polyarticular idiopathic juvenile arthritis, idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, multiple sclerosis and pediatric epilepsy.


Marathon Pharmaceutical and was established in 2008, and is based in Illinois, Northbrook. The company has various offices in Washington D.C, New Jersey, and Chicago. At some point in time, the company was ready to roll dice concerning a particular drug under the preface that it was able to prove it can extract FDA standards. After long periods of putting together the required information and carrying out necessary clinical preliminaries brought excellent results with the approval of FDA around 2017. The aftereffect of the support and massive investment in that activity has ensured over a thousand young men and boys can be able to access the drug. This young men and boys didn’t have the chance to get the treatment before, but now they can comfortably get it.


Clinicians are presently eager to provide the drug prescription since it has been manufactured domestically and proven through the use of extracting standards. The fact is more men and boys will be able to live for many years, with superior personal satisfaction and a quality life because of the investment that was put in place. Special thanks go to Marathon Pharmaceutical for making this process to be a success.


Marathon Company has built up a generous assistance plan for patients which guarantees that no person will undergo any hardship in the purchase of medications. Different insurers have made plans and arrangements to provide coverage for the drug; almost all national insurers have done it. The insurers have engaged in negotiations of price arrangements which are agreeable to them.


Indeed, the rising cost of specialty medications is a huge concern to the nation. If Americans citizens are willing to bend the cost curve of healthcare, then the drug development cost-reward-curve should be addressed accordingly. The company is anticipating for more FDA approvals in the future concerning other drugs in its line of products.


The Benefits of Being Able to Monitor Your Children’s Activities with TeenSafe

Since 2011, TeenSafe has been the number one destination for parents who want to keep track of their children’s activities. Nowadays, there are so many outlets for kids to use to keep in contact with their friends and people they might meet online. This can cause an unsafe experience for your child while becoming a literal nightmare for parents. TeenSafe was designed to help parents both monitor their children’s activities on their phones and tablets, but is also a way to learn methods for navigating your child’s smartphone and social media accounts.


The company also keeps parents updated on different apps that they can use to monitor and protect their kids. The site is specific to helping parents keep kids safe in a digital world where many people are contacting them and reaching out to them. The company has been featured on CBS 21, New10NBC and Buck County’s Courier Times. Their program helps parents track text messages, social media accounts, website history and even their specific mobile location. In fact, the mobile tracking on the TeenSafe program has helped find hundreds of teens since it was launched years ago. The system has even been used by law enforcement agents to find kids who are lost.


TeenSafe allows parents to get started for free and then pay a small monthly fee in order to retain the rights to the program. The system will be customized to fit your own child’s needs, and it can be created for multiple kids so that you can monitor them all using your own device or computer. The TeenSafe program empowers parents who otherwise feel like they are lost while their child browses the web, chats with friends and contacts random strangers on the internet. The amount of content available online now makes it difficult for parents to know what their kids are up to, and it can result in a dangerous situation for teens who once did not have access to so many people online. With TeenSafe, you are choosing a secure and highly-trusted system that thousands of parents are already using with fantastic success.


Lessons learned from Christopher Linkas commercial real estate investment strategies

Property investment and management is a new area of investment that has received a lot of focus from the general public. Across the world, many people have developed the urge to tap into the new investment opportunities that has been rising steadily over the years. There are new housing and commercial units that have been established by some renowned property investment firms that have changed our living standard. As such, it is important to understand the distinct field of property management and investment and how they all impact our daily lives. For one to begin investing in the real estate industry, it is important to understand some key thematic areas of focus for an investment to be successful. Christopher Linkas is an accomplished real estate investment personality with a wide range of experience in the investment field. Christopher Linkas focuses on the three areas of commercial real estate investment that have revolutionized the industry.

The commercial real estate is an investment property that is always rented or leased as a workplace. The property can be used for different purposes ranging from shopping centers, retailers, hotels, office space, and restaurants. There are three different types of real estate investments which include residential real estate, industrial real estate and commercial real estate. Also, the three have different characteristic, and it’s always good to know which kind of investment is productive. Leasing a commercial property runs from 10 years or more. This gives the user full authority of management of the business within the leased property. However, large companies tend to lease for a longer period like supermarkets and large real stores. There are three classifications of the commercial real estate ranging from class A, B, and C. Class A comprises of buildings of high quality and enhanced aesthetic value, class B contains older building with less value compared with class A and lastly, class C focuses on older building spanning 20 years and above for less value.

Christopher Linkas has been instrumental in nurturing and encouraging the young generation on the importance of early investment. He always gives a story about how he started investing in the early years of his life. His first employment opportunity came from UK-based Investment Group.


Johanan Rand: A Practitioner’s Reference in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Healing a person ailing as a result of a specific causative agent such as bacteria, virus, or cuts from objects has been there since the beginning of humanity. However, the art has grown and is now at an advanced stage owing to the changing trends in medical knowledge, modernization of equipment, and other facilities. Finding new and improved methods of treating patients, especially from emerging physical medicine and rehabilitation procedures adopted by Johanan Rand has been an excellent deal for medical professionals.


Physical medicine and rehabilitation technique is a decade old procedure that specializes in a holistic approach to the body treatment. Johanan Rand gained his knowledge and skills about this mode of medicine from the renowned Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He has been known to treating patients for a variety of disorders with great zeal for ensuring healthy aging. His technique involves offering solutions to various disorders through integrative approaches which focus on ensuring the general body health.


To counter the argument from medical critics who argue that his treating methods are outdated, Johanan Rand uses information from peer-reviewed medical journals so that he can offer practice based on scientific facts. Also, Johanan Rand is a trained in medical acupuncture to keep up with the latest development in the field of medicine. Offering vitamin supplements has been one of his foundations to key success stories where his patients boost their immunity and general body health. At his medical facility, Johanan Rand has been combining medical treatments with great lifestyle lessons that inform patients on the benefits of healthy lifestyle.


Johanan Rand has been encouraging healthy living through an emphasis on strength and cardiovascular training. Other important medical aspects implemented by Johanan Rand include yoga practices, increase in the intake of body supplements, and nutritional guidelines. These additions are important at this stage where many people have been diagnosed with lifestyle diseases, some of which have no cure or control methods. To curb the increasing diseases, upcoming medical practitioners have to focus on Johanan Rand Physical medicine and rehabilitation health that has proved to be a game changer.


Perry Mandera, A Hero From The Start

Perry Mandera is most commonly recognized for founding his company The Custom Companies Inc. His success, however, was not due to playing it safe. Although, he does not take unnecessary risks either. One of his causes for success is what he calls “Strategic Risk Taking”. This type of strategy has earned his great success in the field of logistics. His company is a transportation provider for family owned businesses and fortune 100 companies alike. Even though he is currently known for his entrepreneurial success, Perry Mandera had humble and heroic beginnings.


Once A Marine, Always A Marine


Perry Mandera doesn’t speak much about his life in the military service, but when he does, he speaks of it fondly. While he was in the armed forces, he served in the logistics field of the United States Marine corp. This is most likely part of the reason that he has so much success once he began his own entrepreneurial endeavors. Shortly after his honorable release from the military, he ran for office and became the youngest committeeman in the 29th ward of Chicago, Illinois for four years.


Continuing In Service After The Service


The selflessness of this Marine did not end after he got out of the service and not after becoming a committeeman, but bled into his charitable works. Once he became successful, he immediately began to give back to the community in continuous acts of charitable generosity. Even though his company is now over thirty years old, he is now being recognized for his charitable efforts to the less fortunate. His most notable works are exemplified with The Mercy Home For Boys And Girls. Perry Mandera continues his noble deeds, not only with already established charitable organizations, he also conducts a yearly campaign within his own company where he asks his employees to highlight people that they know that are in need of assistance. Mr. Mandera takes pride in his ability to assist his own people, especially during the holidays. He is more than happy to ease some of the stress of his employees and their family. Perry Mandera continues to be a hero in every possible way with anyone he meets in his life.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva and The Dynamism of Someone Who Pushes The Frontier of Justice

The world has to thank all the risktakers in the world who risk most of their capital and time for something that may not deliver that much reward. It’s risktakers that shape the modern market. It’s risktakers why we have iPods, smartphones, cars, brilliant ideas and solutions for pressing social problems. Most of all, it’s risk-takers and magistrates like Marco Antonio Marques da Silva that push the boundaries of social change.


As you can probably learn from the Youtube features of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, he is one of the most respected legal officers in Brazil who have proven their worth in the field of developing the country’s justice system. Without the participation of people like him, Brazil’s justice system would still be at a standstill. It wouldn’t evolve, and it would probably stagnate at the price of the society that would suffer from lack of justice. With the recent recognition of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva by PUC-Sao Paulo, his work and dedication for public service is then seen to have reached a higher level of success. Being a professor at PUC is also an added factor in the credentials of Mr. da Silva in being one of the most trusted, awarded and respected judges in Brazil today.


During the opening ceremony of the recognition, it was also announced that one of the new auditoriums in the Perdizes Campus in PUC would be named after the magistrate. This is a symbolic gesture that best supports the reputation of Mr. da Silva of being an effective magistrate deserving of praise. His ethical standards are unparalleled and his experienced level of education that he shares as a professor in the school is also a significant factor in his recognition.


Another interesting highlight in the opening ceremony was the fact that it was attended by Dirceu de Mello himself, who is the former president of the Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo State of Court, who is also the university president. The praise of the former president of Mr. da Silva’s dynamism means that his dedication for his work has paid off and has helped enough clients and people to have been given such merit.