Guilherme Paulus’ And Faith For Business Success

Guilherme Paulus s the President of the Advisory Board of CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels with Resorts in Brazil. He started out working as an intern at IBM and today is one of the most successful people in Brazil today.

In an Ideamensch interview, he reveals the secrets of his success.

This idea for CVC came from one Carlos Vicente who Guilherme Paulus met in a boat. He told Guilherme that he wanted to start a tour company and although he did not have the money to invest in the venture. They agreed on a partnership plan. Guilherme was to do the actual work of setting up the business while the other man provided capital. His knack for business became apparent at this time as he was able to situate the business premises in such a way as to catch the attention of many clients.

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To become successful Guilherme believes that one has to take the first step into the unknown. It is not possible to tell whether an idea is a good one until he or tries it out. He firmly believes that to bring an idea to life requires faith on the part of the entrepreneur. On how he stays productive Mr. Guilherme Paulus pointed out that gratitude is one of his daily habits and every day he is thankful for everything he has. He also writes out a weekly schedule and this ensures he feels organized and empowered as he faces a new day or week.

The ease with which one can communicate with customers by use of the technology available in the world today is something that Guilherme Paulus finds very exciting. With the use of technology, one can find out customer needs and make changes or modifications where needed. According to the successful entrepreneur being hands-on is one of the ways he maintains his productivity.

About Guilherme Paulus

He established CVC Brasil when he was only 24 in 1972 and in the year 2005, he established the GJP Hotels chain. The 69-year-old lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is married with 2 children.

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