Alex Pall, Immense Intention

The Chainsmokers were uncommonly aquatinted in the city where Alex Pall did a lot of his side ambitions at this conjunction in time. They both share common values and mutual views when it comes to how to position themselves to win in the complexities of business endeavors. These two were not always in the same boat from the start though, as Alex Pall came from New York City and Andrew Taggart hailed from Maine. In the government structered education halls in Maine Andrew Taggart traveled to and fro from, he always harbored a precious fascination and beautiful interest in production and creating actual radio quality disk jockey tracks. His affinity for electronic music did not spread to the general population however until he completed his studies at the college he ventured at. In the meantime he was getting news that the place to show up at was The Big Apple if he wanted to go all in with his musical vision. He eventually gave into his desire to craft his musical legacy and took a bus to an art exibit where there was a working side musician at the time whose name was Alex Pall. How they came to be was accredited to the music industry, and when they met progress was immediately made. They agreed in values that depicted disdain for simply playing random music to take the chance that the audience might like them, and instead they integrated their actual feelings and human experiences into the notes they co-created and as a result, record hits like Closer and Roses were mass marketed. They also compliment each other’s strengths and virtues in the throes of the music business with Alex Palls list of frequent gigs he would embark on coupled with his networking skills and Andrew Taggart’s gift for above average music production, they together undoubtedly stood out as unstoppable in the adventure they were to immerse themselves in.