What Contributes to Rick Smiths Ability to Lead?

The CEO of the company is the highest determinant of a company’s success. This is because it’s the CEO who makes major decisions. The chief executive officer must be the anchor on which the firm holds on to, during bad times. The creativity and innovative mind of the individual are what ensures they get past competition by differentiating their brands.

Rick Smith has made Securus Technologies secure their market in the nation. Securus is ranked highly in the high technology provision world. No designers or company have been able to match their products.

Rick Smith was appointed as Securus CEO in 2008. Before his nomination, he was the CEO of Eschelon-Telkom. Here, he left a legacy. He joined Eschelon-Telkom as a mere employee. His commitment and dedication to better the company did not go unnoticed. He was gradually promoted until he became the President and CEO of Eschelon Telkom. This must have been the wisest decision the Board of Directors had made. The annual revenue of the company rose from $30 million to $350 million. Read more articles at securustech.net.

The chance Rick Smith got to work in the various department is what gave him and continues to give him success in his CEO seat. He understands the impact of each unit in the company. Rick Smith, therefore, knows to divide his attention to the units based on their magnitude in the success of the firm.

Rick Smith is also an educated elite. This has greatly contributed to his success. He went to the most prestigious schools in the nation. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in Mathematics and Engineering. He is also an MBA holder.

Under the influence of Rick Smith Securus, the company has made a great difference in the society. The correctional facilities are having a complete revolution. Safety and peace in jail have been achieved. The massive killings that used to be in the detentions have come to an end. This is because of the introduction of devices that help the administration monitor what happens in cells. Initially, many inmates used to be harassed by aggressive convicts.

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The other thing that Securus Company has enhanced under the leadership of Rick Smith is communication between convicts and their families. The gadgets allow the inmates to make both video calls and voice calls.

The best part is that relatives do not have to travel to jail to talk to their families. They can use the webcam that allows them to communicate to the detainees in jail. This is among the latest developments of Securus. Their relatives who still prefer to drive to jail. Securus Technologies has helped create a platform where they can schedule a meeting in advance. This ensures that the visit is on their terms and conditions.

Rick Smith is positive that shortly, all the correctional facilities will have access to the Securus Technologies tools. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Rick Smith Shapes Securus Technologies Through Excellent Leadership

The performance of an institute relies on its management. For any institute to succeed, better leadership must be factored in. leadership is appended to the character of the person put in charge. Good leaders want the best for the company they are managing. Excellent leaders put in more work to develop an organization. Such features better define Rick Smith, the head of Securus Technologies. Rick Smith joined the organization in 2008. He has since developed Securus Technologies into a leading institution that serves the correctional facilities. Before his appointment to this position, he was an employee in several companies. His experiences roots from technology and communication.

Smith’s contribution

Smith is an excellent leader. Perhaps he is one because he has vast experience in his field. He worked for finance companies, operations, sensitive business areas, telecommunications and technology. His experiences trace back to trusted companies that offer reliable services. Smith is an alumnus of Rochester Institute. He studied engineering from State University in New York as well. Being a visionary student, he joined a branch of the same school for his master’s degree. This is a clear explanation that Smith was dedicated to bettering himself from a young age. He seized every opportunity that would make him grow.

Smith’s experience in leadership

In 1972, Smith was a development contributor at Global Crossing. He held executive positions as the controller in addition to chief information officer. After garnering massive experience on the job, he quit to join Frontier Information Technologies as president. Smith was an explorer in the job market. He left Frontier for Midwest Telephone Operations. At Midwest, he was the vice president. Between 1998 and 2000, Smith was employed by Eschelon Telecom Inc. He still held a leadership position as president of the firm. In fact, he grew the revenues of that firm from the initial $ 30 to about $ 350 million. He also contributed to the development of an impressive local purchase order. It was at this point that he joined Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies Offers Safety

Securus Technologies was established more than ten years ago. The company is prominent for serving correctional facilities, public safety, and law enforcement facilities. Since its establishment, all the company has done is work hard to secure the society and inmates. Every month, Securus comes up with at least, one technological gadget to assist prisoners and families in communication. With Smith in charge, Securus has received positive feedback as a main contributor to safety in society. The main agenda for this company is to make sure that prisoners communicate with family. It is a safety strategy that reduces the rates of recidivism. For Securus Technologies, safety lies in knowing that prisoners do not feel secluded.