The Benefits of Being Able to Monitor Your Children’s Activities with TeenSafe

Since 2011, TeenSafe has been the number one destination for parents who want to keep track of their children’s activities. Nowadays, there are so many outlets for kids to use to keep in contact with their friends and people they might meet online. This can cause an unsafe experience for your child while becoming a literal nightmare for parents. TeenSafe was designed to help parents both monitor their children’s activities on their phones and tablets, but is also a way to learn methods for navigating your child’s smartphone and social media accounts.


The company also keeps parents updated on different apps that they can use to monitor and protect their kids. The site is specific to helping parents keep kids safe in a digital world where many people are contacting them and reaching out to them. The company has been featured on CBS 21, New10NBC and Buck County’s Courier Times. Their program helps parents track text messages, social media accounts, website history and even their specific mobile location. In fact, the mobile tracking on the TeenSafe program has helped find hundreds of teens since it was launched years ago. The system has even been used by law enforcement agents to find kids who are lost.


TeenSafe allows parents to get started for free and then pay a small monthly fee in order to retain the rights to the program. The system will be customized to fit your own child’s needs, and it can be created for multiple kids so that you can monitor them all using your own device or computer. The TeenSafe program empowers parents who otherwise feel like they are lost while their child browses the web, chats with friends and contacts random strangers on the internet. The amount of content available online now makes it difficult for parents to know what their kids are up to, and it can result in a dangerous situation for teens who once did not have access to so many people online. With TeenSafe, you are choosing a secure and highly-trusted system that thousands of parents are already using with fantastic success.