Hussain Sajwani Early Life

Hussain Sajwani, born in 1952 at Sharjah India, grew up with a business mindset as he sold a range of products ranging from pens, watches, and shirts at a tender age. He later developed his business interests when he qualified for a government scholarship to the US. At the US, he majored in Industrial Engineering and Economics receiving a degree from the University of Washington.

In 1981, after Hussain Sajwani completed his degree, started his career at the department of finance in Abu Dhabi Gas Industry. After developing specific skills in marketing, legal matters, sales, finance, and administrative duties; two years later kick-started a catering company which developed into Global Logistics Services. DAMAC later emerged from his dealings in global business as he saw a market gap in the real estate industry.

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC with a goal to expand globally into emerging markets. China and the United Arab Emirates (UEA) was among his top priorities; as he had good knowledge of China’s business dealing and UAE’s stability. The DAMAC owner later took the company public in 2013, making it the first organization in the Middle East, enlisted at the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2015, the company got listed at the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). As the company prospered, Hussain also advanced financially being recognized by Forbes as the 5th riches Arab in the world.

The real estate entrepreneur understood that homeowners preferred their houses to be more lively and gain from their investments. Projects like the DAMAC Hills which included villas, mansions, townhouses, and apartments also included a 42 million square golf community. Partnership with famous brands like Versace Homes, Tiger woods and the Trump Organization has also helped the company expand its territories into luxury apartments, fashion and lifestyle brands. A hospitality division is another sector the company enrolled in October 2011 as ‘DAMAC Maison.’

Investment is another sector the DAMAC owner understands vividly; by partnering up with DICO Investments, the company invests in private mergers, equities, and acquisitions. Investments in building material is another area the company focuses on, Grohe and Dorn, Bracht Villeroy and Boch and AI Amana located in Oman are but some of the examples. Hussain and DAMAC have indeed pushed the limits of property development not only in Dubai but the rest of the world.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Bridging the Gap Bewteen Elective Healthcare & Consumers

Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-accomplished doctor from New Orleans, and he has taken on a huge challenge in the medical-aesthetics-field. Since this guy actively lives a healthy lifestyle, he’s trying to connect consumers with elective-healthcare services. Dr. Mark McKenna will achieve this by introducing a brand new way to explore these services. OVME is the solution, and consumers will be able to come by its office, or they can have the services come to their homes. There are already numerous medical practitioners who are onboard. All the consumer has to do is to use an innovative app that can be downloaded to their smartphones. This app will connect the consumer with the best possible provider from this network.

What exactly is OVME? This medical-aesthetics facility is state-of-the-art thanks to its high-range of advanced technologies and creature comforts. The facility can be found in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. “Find the fountain OV you” is one of its many slogans. OVME offers a variety of medical-aesthetic procedures such as hydration therapy, B-12 shots, facials, lab testing, laser hair removal, micro needling, skincare, Botox treatments, Coolsculpting, weight-loss solutions and many more. Dr. Mark McKenna has certainly brought something new to the table. OVME is basically a second-generation version of ShapeMed Wellness Center. This particular medical-aesthetics facility was also founded by McKenna, and it hosted many of the same services as OVME. ShapeMed was a huge success prior to the launching of McKenna’s latest project. Thanks to its “Black Diamond” status, ShapeMed was the genesis to this medical-aesthetics revolution.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been in this sector of business for a decade. He has the knowledge, the skill, and the know-how, especially when it comes to these procedures. You won’t find too many other professionals with as many titles as this guy, and that’s 100 percent true.