Campaign Finances Once Again In The Spotlight Because Of End Citizens United

The divisive Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that has allowed wealthy donors almost free reign over how they provide funding for political parties, candidates, and causes has once again been brought into the spotlight by a group battling to overturn the ruling they believe has been a disaster for democracy. End Citizens United have been working since 2015 to back candidates they feel are friendly to their cause of overturning the Citizens United decision of 2010 that has allowed wealthy donors on all sides of the political spectrum to provide almost unlimited financial support to U.S. candidates fighting for election; End Citizens United is working in an ethical way that sees it seek grassroots backing from people across the U.S. and eliminates the undue influence those behind the PAC feel is being placed on political candidates and parties seeking the financial support of the wealthiest in the land.


End Citizens United points to the political influence being shown by the Koch Brothers, Republican supporting billionaire business leaders who have become well known for pouring millions of dollars into the campaigns of conservative candidates and causes during U.S. election seasons. Reforming the U.S. election reform system is not an easy option to take as this has grown into a major industry across the U.S.; the End Citizens United campaign is looking to work in a number of ways to make sure the issue remains front and center in the news media as millions of American citizens are beginning to feel they are given little say in how their own democratic political system works. End Citizens United believes the mission they have set themselves can be achieved by supporting the election of candidates supporting election finance reform, keeping the issue and problems of Citizens United in the public spotlight at all times, and mobilizing grassroots members to raise the issue at all times.


The Citizens United decision has been one of the most controversial in the history of U.S. politics and in a bid to make sure they are not overstepping the boundaries set by their agenda the End Citizens United PAC will not accept a financial donation over $5,000. By keeping the support received at low levels the End Citizens United group is able to avoid the problems of individual donors having more effect influence or effects on the group than should be permitted. The $25 million raised and donated by the End Citizens United group made them one of the top PAC’s aligned to the Democratic Party, which the organizers of the group believe has more candidates and existing Congressional members who will support the call for financial election reform than will be represented on the Republican side of politics.