Betsy DeVos is Making a Name For Herself in the Trump Administration

Betsy DeVos is viewed as a strange presence in the Trump administration. First of all, she’s not a typical education secretary. She isn’t a longstanding member of the education department. Her experience within the education field is mainly within the capacity of her donations to scholarships and her push for school choice in Michigan, which is her home state. Her presence is strange in the Trump administration for other reasons though too. Betsy DeVos is firm with her beliefs and politics, even if they deviate from what the president says. This is an interesting and different angle compared to other members of the Trump administration and team who seem to stick to whatever the president says, especially since that is what Trump himself expects from his team. DeVos has stayed on as education secretary even though she has differentiated on what the president has said or done in a few cases. How has she managed to do this?


DeVos has stayed on as education secretary and avoided being fired by the president because she is polite in her approach to deviating away from certain stances. Betsy has generally met privately with the president or other administration members to point out her different stances on some matters. Publicly she has not gone to the press to badmouth any certain policies. She has instead written letters when she wants her different point of view to be made public. This allows her point of view to be read by the public directly, rather than her comments being taken out of context by a newspaper after holding an interview. Betsy DeVos is well aware that all of her comments will be taken out of context and switched around by the majority of the press in the country who have decided to take a very negative opinion of the Trump administration.


Betsy DeVos should not be dismissed as merely another member of the administration though. She is vastly different and opinionated in her own way. She has new ideas and concepts that she would like to present to the nation concerning the education system and how we can improve upon it and improve how our students are learning so they can compete in the world in the fields of science and math. With DeVos trying out new concepts, the education department should start changing.


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