Marketing Legend Bernardo Chua

One of the notable figures in the direct selling industry is Bernardo Chua. He is the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, a company that sells beverages that contain Ganoderma, an herb used in Asia for centuries for its healing properties. From an early age, he wanted to help people live healthy lives. His grandparents nurtured this quality by teaching him about all the health benefits of taking the Ganoderma herb. The knowledge that he would gather and his desire to want to help people would help launch his career. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines. At a young age, he helped in his family’s garment plant as his first job. He was later approached by the company Gano Excel because he had such a thorough knowledge of the Ganoderma herb. Gano Excel was a company that specialized in consumable products that were blended with Ganoderma. They felt Mr. Chua would be qualified to help market the products the company sold. His main responsibly while working for Gano Excel was to help grow the company’s clientele. Mr. Bernardo Chua proved to be an asset for the company and gained many new clients all over Asia.

Gano Excel named Bernardo Chua as the President of their North American division. Mr. Chua then set out on a large-scale marketing project that was meant to capture as much market share in the region. He recruited numerous individuals and instructed them on the health properties the products of the company contained. After many successful years working for Gano Excel, Mr. Chua was ready to start his own company. In 2008 he founded the Organo Gold company. He has been extremely successful at utilizing the direct selling business model. He continues to educate the masses on the health benefits that can be achieved by taking Ganoderma infused products.

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Johanan Rand: A Practitioner’s Reference in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Healing a person ailing as a result of a specific causative agent such as bacteria, virus, or cuts from objects has been there since the beginning of humanity. However, the art has grown and is now at an advanced stage owing to the changing trends in medical knowledge, modernization of equipment, and other facilities. Finding new and improved methods of treating patients, especially from emerging physical medicine and rehabilitation procedures adopted by Johanan Rand has been an excellent deal for medical professionals.


Physical medicine and rehabilitation technique is a decade old procedure that specializes in a holistic approach to the body treatment. Johanan Rand gained his knowledge and skills about this mode of medicine from the renowned Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He has been known to treating patients for a variety of disorders with great zeal for ensuring healthy aging. His technique involves offering solutions to various disorders through integrative approaches which focus on ensuring the general body health.


To counter the argument from medical critics who argue that his treating methods are outdated, Johanan Rand uses information from peer-reviewed medical journals so that he can offer practice based on scientific facts. Also, Johanan Rand is a trained in medical acupuncture to keep up with the latest development in the field of medicine. Offering vitamin supplements has been one of his foundations to key success stories where his patients boost their immunity and general body health. At his medical facility, Johanan Rand has been combining medical treatments with great lifestyle lessons that inform patients on the benefits of healthy lifestyle.


Johanan Rand has been encouraging healthy living through an emphasis on strength and cardiovascular training. Other important medical aspects implemented by Johanan Rand include yoga practices, increase in the intake of body supplements, and nutritional guidelines. These additions are important at this stage where many people have been diagnosed with lifestyle diseases, some of which have no cure or control methods. To curb the increasing diseases, upcoming medical practitioners have to focus on Johanan Rand Physical medicine and rehabilitation health that has proved to be a game changer.