Talkspace: Online and Free Therapy

For someone wanting to obtain therapy for a mental illness by their own efforts, he or she can now use an app called Talkspace. Reports reveal that online therapy has been shown to be just as effective as if you were in an office facing a traditional therapist. This same report says that online therapy is the “treatment of the future” when it comes to finding therapy for a mental health issue. It doesn’t matter is you suffer from depression, anxiety or different disorder. When it comes to choosing the right online therapist it can get a little tricky. Some might offer free therapy which often times is not the best choice.

Mental health jobs lack workers and make up only 9 out of 100,000 per population, exposing a serious gap in providing help for those in need. It’s noted nearly 55 percent of Americans don’t seek help for their mental health problems. Talkspace, an online app that matches therapists with patients, is currently leading the market in online therapy. Their therapists are highly trained and have the practical hours needed to assist and guide patients in their mental health concerns. Their platform is very secure and everything is held in confidence.

The difference between online therapy and free therapy is the non-licensed therapist offering advice versus talking to a certified licensed professional. Researching articles online about your mental illness challenges can be very helpful. Your therapists main job is to not cure you but help guide you through rough times in your life that are creating major problems. All of Talkspace’s therapists go through on-boarding for six weeks. To make sure your are working with a qualified therapist, look at their titles and suffixes to determine their accreditation. The majority of states are hard on regulations and protect these specific titles to make sure they are legit.