Marco Antonio Marques da Silva and The Dynamism of Someone Who Pushes The Frontier of Justice

The world has to thank all the risktakers in the world who risk most of their capital and time for something that may not deliver that much reward. It’s risktakers that shape the modern market. It’s risktakers why we have iPods, smartphones, cars, brilliant ideas and solutions for pressing social problems. Most of all, it’s risk-takers and magistrates like Marco Antonio Marques da Silva that push the boundaries of social change.


As you can probably learn from the Youtube features of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, he is one of the most respected legal officers in Brazil who have proven their worth in the field of developing the country’s justice system. Without the participation of people like him, Brazil’s justice system would still be at a standstill. It wouldn’t evolve, and it would probably stagnate at the price of the society that would suffer from lack of justice. With the recent recognition of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva by PUC-Sao Paulo, his work and dedication for public service is then seen to have reached a higher level of success. Being a professor at PUC is also an added factor in the credentials of Mr. da Silva in being one of the most trusted, awarded and respected judges in Brazil today.


During the opening ceremony of the recognition, it was also announced that one of the new auditoriums in the Perdizes Campus in PUC would be named after the magistrate. This is a symbolic gesture that best supports the reputation of Mr. da Silva of being an effective magistrate deserving of praise. His ethical standards are unparalleled and his experienced level of education that he shares as a professor in the school is also a significant factor in his recognition.


Another interesting highlight in the opening ceremony was the fact that it was attended by Dirceu de Mello himself, who is the former president of the Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo State of Court, who is also the university president. The praise of the former president of Mr. da Silva’s dynamism means that his dedication for his work has paid off and has helped enough clients and people to have been given such merit.