Fabletics is Dominating Online Traffic

Leveraging the power of the crowd stands for the power of reviews generated by users. Many online shoppers will first read user reviews on a specific service or product because they feel the reviews are more trustworthy. Fabletics is doing just this by including their customer reviews into their decision-making about the styles and versatility of their fashionable clothing lines.


Kate Hudson and her Fabletics partners Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, uses a data-driven system to grow exponentially since Febletics early beginnings in 2013. Today Fabletics has grown more than 200% with over $250 million in revenue. The Fabletics brand’s technique of user review marketing leverage has not only increased online purchases, but has improved Fabletics customer loyalty foundation and has kept customer’s returning to the website as well as shopping in their retail stores located in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


Kate Hudson has vastly improved the look and spirit of Fabletics by serving as its model, its marketing face, and global ambassador. She loved the product so much, that she has become an integral part of its marketing campaign. With her savvy, she has introduced new marketing strategies, thus bringing high traffic leads to the brand.


As a popular actress, Ms. Hudson understands how important communication is. Thus, she made sure that Fabletics gave the customer’s what they wanted and needed from this innovative active wear line for men and women. With these dynamics, Fabletics’ fashionable leisure brand clothing has been popularized and is seen by women in how Ms. Hudson portrays this line.


This brand’s concept allows women to feel diversified, empowered, and inspired no matter their shape or size, while looking good. Fabletics uses a membership system for its customers. Because of this platform their membership numbers for shoppers in their physical stores has increased by 50% and once in the store, customers sign up at an increased rate of 25%.


The membership model is working for Fabletics because they can customize service for their customers at half the price of their competitors, like Amazon, Apple, Warby Parker, and Bonobos. Fabletics is successfully using physical and digital methodology that is paying off. Their online data reflects what their retail stores will keep in stock which appeals to their customers.


When online customer-membership reviews suggest a trend or style change, then Fabletics offers these accommodations with results of real-time sales leads. Fabletics often increases their new lines and performs analytical marketing tests to stay abreast of shopping trends.

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