Review of EOS Lip Balms’ Fantastic Flavors

EOS Lip Balm has been reviewed many, many times by people on the Internet. For the most part, people who show videos in review of the lip balm are surprised at the flavors offered and the ease of convenience of the package itself. The surprise is that the EOS Lip Balms come in not only a wide variety of flavors, but in a neat little round dispenser that, when applied to the lips and rubbed, dispense the lip balm in a glossy, moister-filled manner that is easy to use and tasty as well.

It doesn’t come in a stick, like the other lip balms. It comes round, and it quickly covers the lips with its soothing moisturizing balm.

Colorful, long-lasting and tasty, EOS Lip Balms come in mints and regular flavors and mixtures of flavors, and the flavor is maintained throughout the use of the balm. It does not have that medicinal flavor and odor of other lip balms, either.