Rebel Wilson On Her New Comedy Coming Out Next Year

There is one actress that is experiencing a lot of success in her career right now. Rebel Wilson has won audiences over with her quick wit, humor, and charm in every role she seems to touch. Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress, producer, and writer. She was born in 1980 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. A talented young girl, Rebel placed 2nd in the state for food technology during her high school years.

Her first love was mathematics, and she did well in school. Wilson went on to attend college at the University of New South Wales. She not only earned a Bachelor of Arts in performance and theater studies, but also received a law degree. Read more: Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List andRebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Since hitting the bright screens of Hollywood, Rebel has acted in many major films including Bridesmaides, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and her most known role to date as Fat Amy on the Pitch Perfect film series. She has won over crowds all over the place with her charm, charisma, and funny sense of humor. Rebel has also appeared and starred in several TV shows.

Super Fun Night was a creation and starring role for the Australian actress, which on aired for one season. She also appeared on TV show Workaholics, City Homicide, and many more. In addition to her movie and TV show roles, Rebel Wilson has won many awards for her performances. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She won a MTV Awards for best musical moment, best female performance, and best breakthrough performance. The famous actress also won a Critic’s Choice Awards for best actress in a comedy. Rebel also won several awards from the Teen Choice Awards the People’s Choice Awards, and the Young Hollywood Awards. There are many more on the list to name.

In her latest role, Rebel Wilson Australian transplant who lives as an architect living in New York City, New York. The film titled truly depict the whole plot, and it is called “Isn’t It Romantic.” Natalie, the main character, does not believe in fairy tales and thinks it’s just a fantasy.

In an huge turn of events, Natalie gets hit in the head by a mugger and gets completely knocked out. From the moment she wakes up, every moment plays out like a ROM-com, a.k.a romantic comedy. Follow Rebel Wilson on Twitter

Every romantic cliche, moment, and experience Natalie has is all leading up to falling in love and living happily ever after. Once she has her happy ending, the main character can go back to her normal life, reality. Natalie (Rebel) has two love interests in the film including Blake and Josh. Blake is a client of Natalie’s and is played by Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. Josh is Natalie’s best friend and is played by Adam DeVine.

There are several other famous actors in the movies that make the plot interesting and fun. Priyanka Chopra plays a yoga ambassador named Isabella and Jennifer Saunders plays Natalie’s mother in the film. “Isn’t It Romantic” is filmed by New Line Cinema and is set to be released in theaters of Valentine’s Day in 2019.

Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group Team Up

Fortress Investment Group’s major business move with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has gained much attention this month. Fortress’s Brightline train will now be called Virgin Trains USA, marking the start of something great for the company. This sound alliance will bring reliable transportation to many residents of Florida and throughout other regions of the country.

Fortress Investment Group will retain the majority of the investment and grant Virgin Group the remainder. This partnership is very beneficial for Fortress and displays sound business skills. Brightline will be officially called Virgin Trains USA on its launch date scheduled in 2019. The name change is appealing to customers who are excited for a chance to see the brand new changes. Read more on

Brightline has grown to be very popular in Florida with connections to Fort Lauderdale,West Palm Beach, and Miami. Fortress Investment Group plans to extend Brightline’s connections in order to service passengers throughout the Tampa and Orlando, Florida area as well. Fortress is also establishing a high speed rail line which will service customers from Southern California, all the way to Las Vegas.

Virgin Group owns different businesses such as Voyages, Atlantic, and Hotels which customers can also experience thanks to this partnership. There is more great news for Fortress Investment Group as they were granted over 1.7 billion in tax exempt bonds for rail line expansion in Orlando, Florida. This new business merger will allow hundreds of passengers to experience more dependable transportation than ever before.

Fortress Investment Group has definitely made a great decision partnering with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Virgin Group has about 20 years worth of experience with running intercity passenger rail systems, and could certainly lend their knowledge to the partnership. Those who want to learn more about these new plans for Brightline are encouraged to contact Fortress’s informative website.

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Alex Hern: Teaching Us How It’s Done

Alex Hern has seen it all when it comes to technology as he as worked in the industry for nearly 25 years. He’s helped companies by sitting on their boards and giving them the guidance they need. His own business, Tsunami XR, has been highly successful in the market for several years. Hern has seen many businesses excel to the point where their IPOs have netted them millions. He understands what it takes to survive in the technology market and says to not believe in some of the myths. For one, as Hern states, many think once they start their tech company they will reap millions of dollars in a few short few years.

Hern says this is not true at all and what it takes is a lot of hard work. He now knows that going after the ever changing market of technology is really a marathon. He also states that in the next 10 years his company will solely be relying on people to advance them forward. Hern’s focus is on training and recruitment efforts. He shares some of his tricks to keep his focus, which is to take a little time out for yourself. He constantly reads up on tech blogs that can give him a full insight of what is occurring in the market.

Hern has also expressed his opinion when it comes to productivity. Many of us favor trying to multitask when we get a chance. Hern, on the other hand, says this is a complete waste of time. He does say, if anything, that multitasking creates less work. Hern’s company Tsunami XR has been leading the charge with their innovative ideas regarding business communications. They have cleverly built a system in which professionals can work within workspaces. This allows many, primarily developers, to connect all over the world directly from their own office to conduct meetings.

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Randal Nardone, Education and Merit

Randal Nardone is a professional who is in New York, New York at the moment. He also is among the hard-working principals on the team at Fortress Investment Group, LLC. Other principals for the company are both Wesley R. Edens and Peter L. Briger, Jr. Randal Nardone functions as a Co-Founder for Fortress Investment Group as well. He functions on its Board of Directors and has for quite some time. He joined it back in the fall of 2006. His history with the company’s Management Committee, however, goes back much further. He’s actually been part of that since the end of the nineties. Randal Nardone worked as the Chief Interim Officer for Fortress Investment Group for a while. His time with that role commenced in the last month of 2011. It ended in the middle of the summer of July in 2013, too. He landed the title of Chief Executive Officer in the late summer of 2013. Check out Randal Nardone at Forbes.

Randal Nardone had a lot of history under his belt before establishing Fortress Investment Group in the nineties. He functioned as a managing director for a company that’s called UBS. His time with UBS started in the spring of 1997. It ended a year later in 1998 as well. His work before getting a job with UBS was impressive. He used to be Blackrock Financial Management’s principal. That wasn’t even the start of his illustrious career. He in the past was a member and partner associated with Thacher Proffitt & Wood’s legal practice. He was on the firm’s executive committee for a while.

An educational background that’s rock-solid has been a big driving force in Randal Nardone’s career so far. He’s a graduate of the University of Connecticut in New England. He learned all about pertinent subjects such as biology and English while he was a student there. After his time with the University of Connecticut was up, he made the choice to head to the Boston University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. That’s the educational institution that gave him his J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree. His education has benefited his vocation significantly.

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Hussain Sajwani Early Life

Hussain Sajwani, born in 1952 at Sharjah India, grew up with a business mindset as he sold a range of products ranging from pens, watches, and shirts at a tender age. He later developed his business interests when he qualified for a government scholarship to the US. At the US, he majored in Industrial Engineering and Economics receiving a degree from the University of Washington.

In 1981, after Hussain Sajwani completed his degree, started his career at the department of finance in Abu Dhabi Gas Industry. After developing specific skills in marketing, legal matters, sales, finance, and administrative duties; two years later kick-started a catering company which developed into Global Logistics Services. DAMAC later emerged from his dealings in global business as he saw a market gap in the real estate industry.

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC with a goal to expand globally into emerging markets. China and the United Arab Emirates (UEA) was among his top priorities; as he had good knowledge of China’s business dealing and UAE’s stability. The DAMAC owner later took the company public in 2013, making it the first organization in the Middle East, enlisted at the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2015, the company got listed at the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). As the company prospered, Hussain also advanced financially being recognized by Forbes as the 5th riches Arab in the world.

The real estate entrepreneur understood that homeowners preferred their houses to be more lively and gain from their investments. Projects like the DAMAC Hills which included villas, mansions, townhouses, and apartments also included a 42 million square golf community. Partnership with famous brands like Versace Homes, Tiger woods and the Trump Organization has also helped the company expand its territories into luxury apartments, fashion and lifestyle brands. A hospitality division is another sector the company enrolled in October 2011 as ‘DAMAC Maison.’

Investment is another sector the DAMAC owner understands vividly; by partnering up with DICO Investments, the company invests in private mergers, equities, and acquisitions. Investments in building material is another area the company focuses on, Grohe and Dorn, Bracht Villeroy and Boch and AI Amana located in Oman are but some of the examples. Hussain and DAMAC have indeed pushed the limits of property development not only in Dubai but the rest of the world.

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Guilherme Paulus’ And Faith For Business Success

Guilherme Paulus s the President of the Advisory Board of CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels with Resorts in Brazil. He started out working as an intern at IBM and today is one of the most successful people in Brazil today.

In an Ideamensch interview, he reveals the secrets of his success.

This idea for CVC came from one Carlos Vicente who Guilherme Paulus met in a boat. He told Guilherme that he wanted to start a tour company and although he did not have the money to invest in the venture. They agreed on a partnership plan. Guilherme was to do the actual work of setting up the business while the other man provided capital. His knack for business became apparent at this time as he was able to situate the business premises in such a way as to catch the attention of many clients.

Follow Guilherme Paulus on LinkedIn

To become successful Guilherme believes that one has to take the first step into the unknown. It is not possible to tell whether an idea is a good one until he or tries it out. He firmly believes that to bring an idea to life requires faith on the part of the entrepreneur. On how he stays productive Mr. Guilherme Paulus pointed out that gratitude is one of his daily habits and every day he is thankful for everything he has. He also writes out a weekly schedule and this ensures he feels organized and empowered as he faces a new day or week.

The ease with which one can communicate with customers by use of the technology available in the world today is something that Guilherme Paulus finds very exciting. With the use of technology, one can find out customer needs and make changes or modifications where needed. According to the successful entrepreneur being hands-on is one of the ways he maintains his productivity.

About Guilherme Paulus

He established CVC Brasil when he was only 24 in 1972 and in the year 2005, he established the GJP Hotels chain. The 69-year-old lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is married with 2 children.

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Alastair Borthwick…the Three Media Journey…

Only in the 20th Century…

The life journey of Alastair Borthwick takes him through publishing in three, very distint, forms of published media! It is surely the type of story that could only come from the 20th century. This is because that century was the time in world history where publishing left print for the first time ever (outside of live performance venue platforms.)

Where did Print Go to?

Well, it would seem that print went to radio first. After that, it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to see the eventual leap to television broadcasts. All three formats go unappreciated these days; this is true despite the fact that many modern media distribution formats are heavily based off of old ones. An example of such a thing would be a radio type of podcast.

So Alastair went along for the Journey?

As a matter of fact he did! In print he is most known, however. The two books that he wrote are still read in Scotland a great deal today! They were published at different times in his career too. One towards the beginning and one in the middle (after the second world war.) The first book was a collection of hill climbing articles he had written for a magazine. The second book was a history of the battle battalion that he served in during the war; the 5th Battalion.

Hill Climbing Advice turned into a Journalistic Career within other Mediums…

Alastair Borthwick was working in radio journalism in no time. Throughout the 1960’s he was also featured as a television journalist. He produced nearly several hundred half hour length television programs for Scottish television. Just as with the hill climbing articles, author Alastair could pump them out!

Alastair was a Real Pioneer as far as Hill Climbing Literature went…

Believe it or not, hill climbing was considered an elitist sport. This is true in a similar fashion that many lower and middle class consumers consider golfing to be such a thing. T.S. Eliot basically demanded the publishing company release the collection of articles written by Mr. Borthwick. They’ve been preferred reading by the Scottish ever since.

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Marketing Legend Bernardo Chua

One of the notable figures in the direct selling industry is Bernardo Chua. He is the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, a company that sells beverages that contain Ganoderma, an herb used in Asia for centuries for its healing properties. From an early age, he wanted to help people live healthy lives. His grandparents nurtured this quality by teaching him about all the health benefits of taking the Ganoderma herb. The knowledge that he would gather and his desire to want to help people would help launch his career. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines. At a young age, he helped in his family’s garment plant as his first job. He was later approached by the company Gano Excel because he had such a thorough knowledge of the Ganoderma herb. Gano Excel was a company that specialized in consumable products that were blended with Ganoderma. They felt Mr. Chua would be qualified to help market the products the company sold. His main responsibly while working for Gano Excel was to help grow the company’s clientele. Mr. Bernardo Chua proved to be an asset for the company and gained many new clients all over Asia.

Gano Excel named Bernardo Chua as the President of their North American division. Mr. Chua then set out on a large-scale marketing project that was meant to capture as much market share in the region. He recruited numerous individuals and instructed them on the health properties the products of the company contained. After many successful years working for Gano Excel, Mr. Chua was ready to start his own company. In 2008 he founded the Organo Gold company. He has been extremely successful at utilizing the direct selling business model. He continues to educate the masses on the health benefits that can be achieved by taking Ganoderma infused products.

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Impressionable Facts about Rocketship Education

Education is a crucial aspect of life. Though the high cost of living has limited its access, the government and other people of good will have come out in large to ensure that everyone that shows commitment towards studying gets access to quality and affordable education. Rocketship education is one of the projects that has been launched to help people from low-income families access quality and solid education regardless of their social backgrounds. The group of schools has brought a transformation in the education sector by blending the traditional ways of studying with the modern models to equalize the entire process.

Eliminating the gap in education created by social class and other factors is one of the major concerns of Rocketship education. The group of schools seeks to bring unity to the country by treating every student equally. Students are also allowed to make choices based on the subjects they prefer handling. The professionals from the group of schools has always encouraged them to settle for their desires and believe in their abilities. The schools have also eliminated negative attitudes among students, and this has created positivism around the school compound. The skills used by the professionals have boosted their performance, with the school being the best performing ones in the country.

Though Rocketship Education is mostly focused on studies, it also offers Extracurricular activity to its students with the aim of helping them learn new ideas as well as share their talents with others. The ability of the students to engage with each other also allows them to understand each other and form great relationships among themselves which encourage teamwork.

Additionally, Rocketship Education also seeks to bring the schools fraternity together. Parents have also been considered as part of the schools, and they are often engaged in the school’s decisions making processes as well as the entire evaluation processes. They have acquired a chance to air out their views on the ways that the school’s managers can improve the school’s performance for its development. Rocketship education also engages with other schools in the country to share the concept they have gained, and this has encouraged creativity.

Ted Bauman’s Tips on Investment Protection

Ted Bauman notes that many investors fear the future of the stock market and hence make investment mistakes in one way or another. Bauman has an experience of more than two decades in the financial field. In his view on the current bull market, he notes that it might stay or last but there is a probability that on one side, the market would continue to rise and on the other, it would plunge to the lowest. In times of the bear markets and the bull markets, the investors should have a practical plan. As a member of Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013, Ted takes time to advise investors on many ways of protecting their investments.

He provides the investors with investment tips and ways of doubling their profits through Bauman Letter, a publication in Banyan. Ted Bauman notes that unexpected crash stocks mostly arise because of rules-based selling. This is a situation where an investor sells the stock when the prices are high, also known as the valuation-level sell. In another scenario, the investor replaces a stock with another promising stock, also known as opportunity cost-sell. Through his experience as an urban planner in World Bank, Ted Bauman, he advises the investors on various ways to protect their investments. Ted Bauman warns the investors not to rely on the short-term investment gains. He reminds investors that the process is risky but admits that some lucky investors earn immense profits overnight.

Another advice on protecting investment is through investing in on bonds and stocks. Stocks gain or lose daily, but bonds are valued on a monthly basis. He advises the investors to invest in bonds, wait for end month dividends, and avoid the volatile stocks market. However, Ted Bauman points that the investors are better placed if they invest in both the stocks and bonds. The advantage of investing in both of them is that the bonds protect the investor’s when the stock market crashes. Additionally, the stocks boost the investor’s portfolio when they gain, and bonds attract fewer dividends. Ted advise the investor who wants to invest in both to consider investing in balanced mutual funds because they draw quarterly dividends.