Alex Hern: Teaching Us How It’s Done

Alex Hern has seen it all when it comes to technology as he as worked in the industry for nearly 25 years. He’s helped companies by sitting on their boards and giving them the guidance they need. His own business, Tsunami XR, has been highly successful in the market for several years. Hern has seen many businesses excel to the point where their IPOs have netted them millions. He understands what it takes to survive in the technology market and says to not believe in some of the myths. For one, as Hern states, many think once they start their tech company they will reap millions of dollars in a few short few years.

Hern says this is not true at all and what it takes is a lot of hard work. He now knows that going after the ever changing market of technology is really a marathon. He also states that in the next 10 years his company will solely be relying on people to advance them forward. Hern’s focus is on training and recruitment efforts. He shares some of his tricks to keep his focus, which is to take a little time out for yourself. He constantly reads up on tech blogs that can give him a full insight of what is occurring in the market.

Hern has also expressed his opinion when it comes to productivity. Many of us favor trying to multitask when we get a chance. Hern, on the other hand, says this is a complete waste of time. He does say, if anything, that multitasking creates less work. Hern’s company Tsunami XR has been leading the charge with their innovative ideas regarding business communications. They have cleverly built a system in which professionals can work within workspaces. This allows many, primarily developers, to connect all over the world directly from their own office to conduct meetings.

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