Mr. Eswaran’s Take on How to Be Successful

Vijay Eswaran has not always been a wealthy man. He had a humble beginning and started off as a cab driver. Within no time, Mr. Eswaran was worth more than $550million and his life changed drastically. Additionally, he changed the lives of many through his business, as well as through his philanthropy undertakings.

He offers advice to all those who are interested in learning how to persevere through the toughest times and hence making their journey to success much faster. Here are the lessons he has to offer everyone:

1. Overcoming conditioning

Mr. Vijay realized that overcoming the conditioning instilled in him as he was growing up was one of the most difficult tasks. His parents and friends believed that the only way to financial freedom was by having a nine-to-five job that is considered to be stable.

2. Learning to serve others

Vijay was aware that it was not about his own income but about the difference he could make in the financial lives of the individuals in his MLM. This was enough motivation to make him overcome every challenge that came up I his challenge

3. Giving is how we get

Putting others first can be wonderful and make great effects in your life by bringing satisfaction and peace. This abundance attracts more prosperity in every aspect of your experience; spiritual, emotional, relational and even financial.

4. Looking within

Mr. Vijay believes that most of his success was attributed to dedicating an hour of his day to think about his future and strategize his plans for the future. This small deed allowed him to be comfortable with himself and rid him of most of the distractions

5. It takes timing, perseverance and up to 10 years

There is a famous quote by Biz Stone that says “Timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” This means that we should not give up too soon on our dreams.

6. The truth sells

Mr. Vijay is very particular about authenticity and transparency. He believes that true passion, vision, and the feeling of partnership is the winning combination.

7. Living with a sense of Urgency

He clearly states that our time is not guaranteed and should live with complete purpose.


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