OSI Group’s Environmental Conservation Techniques

Currently, OSI Group is among the most significant food producing companies all over the world. The growth of the company started in 1909 when it was just a small butcher shop in Oakland Chicago. The butcher was given the contract to supply McDonald’s restaurants network with its foodstuffs. This was the point at which the butchery started its growth, and the company slowly grew to one of the essential businesses. In the Mid 1970’s Sheldon Lavin joined OSI and has helped the company very much in its growth. He is the Chairman and the Chief Executive who oversees the many OSI development and acquisitions together with the President and Chief Operations Officer, David McDonald. During his career, Lavin helped the company to embrace modern technologies and strategies to increase production and on how to take care of the environment.

The award-winning leader has many prestigious awards including the California Green Award and Global Visionary Award to name but a few. The desire to embrace modern technologies and strategies is the core value of the company’s success. In that connection, OSI Group opened two Culinary Innovation centers in China and the United States. The facilities are at the center of coming up with the new style of reducing the company’s environmental impact from its many plants.

To accomplish the initiative, they are packed with credible investment in coming up with better lines and supplies, which cater for the welfare of its customers. As an experienced and heavy food producer, the company has the resources to develop best operating practices across all its branches.

In 2017, OSI Group created the position of chief sustainability innovations officer in line with the structure of corporate governance. The person given the mandate to head that docket was Johnson Hoffman who was the senior vice president of OSI. His duties were to oversee the company’s strategies in global sustainability and to help in guiding the company on the available sustainability dimensions throughout the company’s supply chain. His contribution was an addition to the efforts by McDonald, the President in sustainable food production and green initiative together with the company’s corporate agenda. McDonald is also the founder of GRSB, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef in 2011, which the company embraces in its sustainability efforts. OSI Group is engaged in best practices including forest conservation, water quality, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The strategies wrap up the company’s target in adding common goals to strengthen the food production system.

Betsy DeVos is Making a Name For Herself in the Trump Administration

Betsy DeVos is viewed as a strange presence in the Trump administration. First of all, she’s not a typical education secretary. She isn’t a longstanding member of the education department. Her experience within the education field is mainly within the capacity of her donations to scholarships and her push for school choice in Michigan, which is her home state. Her presence is strange in the Trump administration for other reasons though too. Betsy DeVos is firm with her beliefs and politics, even if they deviate from what the president says. This is an interesting and different angle compared to other members of the Trump administration and team who seem to stick to whatever the president says, especially since that is what Trump himself expects from his team. DeVos has stayed on as education secretary even though she has differentiated on what the president has said or done in a few cases. How has she managed to do this?


DeVos has stayed on as education secretary and avoided being fired by the president because she is polite in her approach to deviating away from certain stances. Betsy has generally met privately with the president or other administration members to point out her different stances on some matters. Publicly she has not gone to the press to badmouth any certain policies. She has instead written letters when she wants her different point of view to be made public. This allows her point of view to be read by the public directly, rather than her comments being taken out of context by a newspaper after holding an interview. Betsy DeVos is well aware that all of her comments will be taken out of context and switched around by the majority of the press in the country who have decided to take a very negative opinion of the Trump administration.


Betsy DeVos should not be dismissed as merely another member of the administration though. She is vastly different and opinionated in her own way. She has new ideas and concepts that she would like to present to the nation concerning the education system and how we can improve upon it and improve how our students are learning so they can compete in the world in the fields of science and math. With DeVos trying out new concepts, the education department should start changing.


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Review of EOS Lip Balms’ Fantastic Flavors

EOS Lip Balm has been reviewed many, many times by people on the Internet. For the most part, people who show videos in review of the lip balm are surprised at the flavors offered and the ease of convenience of the package itself. The surprise is that the EOS Lip Balms come in not only a wide variety of flavors, but in a neat little round dispenser that, when applied to the lips and rubbed, dispense the lip balm in a glossy, moister-filled manner that is easy to use and tasty as well.

It doesn’t come in a stick, like the other lip balms. It comes round, and it quickly covers the lips with its soothing moisturizing balm.

Colorful, long-lasting and tasty, EOS Lip Balms come in mints and regular flavors and mixtures of flavors, and the flavor is maintained throughout the use of the balm. It does not have that medicinal flavor and odor of other lip balms, either.


Bruce Katzen on Probate Litigation

You have just discovered that during the administration of the estate something did not go as was supposed to. This may be in a case where there is a will or non-exists. This may emerge in a case where one of the beneficiaries disputes the last will and the matter has to go to court. In such an event, it’s important to get someone who is proficient and knows what to look out for during the entire trial to ensure that the case is handled to your satisfaction. In legal terms, this is known as probate litigation. One of the best lawyers when it comes to such matters is a Miami based lawyer Bruce Katzen. He has been practicing law since he completed his J.D at the University of Miami School of Law in 1984. He graduated magna cum laude proving that for a long time he had always had a passion for law. After graduating, he was admitted to the bar in Florida in 1984. He then became a practicing lawyer before being admitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, 1984 followed by the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, the same year. His passion for law has seen him make several milestones in his career, some of which have come with awards.

Today Bruce Katzen has grown to become the chairman of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. The group is known for producing several top lawyers in various sectors, and this has seen it considered one of the top law firms in Miami. His training as a Certified Public Accountant has further enabled him to become a better litigator. He is able to understand the financial jargon and in doing so cannot be fooled by witty financial architects that are bound to come up in probate litigation.

How Eric Lefkofsky is Improving the Treatment of Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has founded many successful business ventures. He recently cofounded Tempus, Inc, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The goal of starting Tempus is to create an extensive database of cancer patients that doctors can use as a reference to cure others in future. He got the drive to help other cancer patients to be cured successfully when his wife had breast cancer. Eric noticed that most hospitals did not have the required data to use in the treatment of disease. He acknowledged that these physicians could make better treatments if they had data to refer to hence Tempus was established.

Tempus is a technological company that focuses on amassing tons of clinical and genomic data from treatments of cancer patients and making that data available to multiple users. To achieve this, they are building the World’s most extensive library of molecular and clinical data with an efficient operating system. This data will enable doctors to borrow insight to treat their patients from previous similar cases. The company analyses a person’s genomic structure to understand it at a molecular level and also compile other patient reports like scans, pathology images, clinical notes and lab reports.

This data is then analysed in their platform to enable physicians to make decisions based on data. In his latest fundraiser for Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has raised over $70 million from investors who support his mission of curing cancer. With millions of people affected by cancer, Tempus faces stiff competition that they will survive due to their meaningful purpose. Eric is a philanthropist who supports charitable, educational and scientific causes around the world through his philanthropic fund, the Lefkofsky Foundation. The fund has helped more than 50 organisations achieve their goals. He is a trustee to various organisations and a part-time professor at the University of Chicago.

Mr. Eswaran’s Take on How to Be Successful

Vijay Eswaran has not always been a wealthy man. He had a humble beginning and started off as a cab driver. Within no time, Mr. Eswaran was worth more than $550million and his life changed drastically. Additionally, he changed the lives of many through his business, as well as through his philanthropy undertakings.

He offers advice to all those who are interested in learning how to persevere through the toughest times and hence making their journey to success much faster. Here are the lessons he has to offer everyone:

1. Overcoming conditioning

Mr. Vijay realized that overcoming the conditioning instilled in him as he was growing up was one of the most difficult tasks. His parents and friends believed that the only way to financial freedom was by having a nine-to-five job that is considered to be stable.

2. Learning to serve others

Vijay was aware that it was not about his own income but about the difference he could make in the financial lives of the individuals in his MLM. This was enough motivation to make him overcome every challenge that came up I his challenge

3. Giving is how we get

Putting others first can be wonderful and make great effects in your life by bringing satisfaction and peace. This abundance attracts more prosperity in every aspect of your experience; spiritual, emotional, relational and even financial.

4. Looking within

Mr. Vijay believes that most of his success was attributed to dedicating an hour of his day to think about his future and strategize his plans for the future. This small deed allowed him to be comfortable with himself and rid him of most of the distractions

5. It takes timing, perseverance and up to 10 years

There is a famous quote by Biz Stone that says “Timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” This means that we should not give up too soon on our dreams.

6. The truth sells

Mr. Vijay is very particular about authenticity and transparency. He believes that true passion, vision, and the feeling of partnership is the winning combination.

7. Living with a sense of Urgency

He clearly states that our time is not guaranteed and should live with complete purpose.


Freedom Checks Matt Badiali Makes The Complicated Process of Investment Look Easy

If you do not invest timely and regularly, you would not be able to create wealth over time or enjoy financial freedom post-retirement. Many people wonder as to how they can secure their future financially and if you are one of those who is confused as to how to invest in creating wealth over a period then make sure to follow investment experts. One of the top investment experts in the United States is Matt Badiali, who has completed his studies in geology from Penn State University and masters in the same field from the Florida Atlantic University. Due to his experts in the field of geology, many companies often come to Matt Badiali to take advice from him about where the markets are heading. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali has worked with some of the biggest energy companies in the world and helped them to not only increase their revenue but also to invest smartly. Many factors need to be considered when investing, whether it is a company or an individual. After working for many years for some of the top corporations in the world, Matt Badiali decided to use his expertise to help ordinary people make money from their investments through his Freedom Checks strategy. It is why he left his job as a financial consultant for top-notch companies and became a senior editor and natural resources expert at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he edits two newsletters named Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist. In these newsletters, he elaborates on how people can earn Freedom Checks easily.

In his newsletter, Matt Badiali has enumerated how people can get Freedom Checks by investing smartly and regularly in MLPs, which are the companies that share the majority of their profits with the shareholders. Matt Badiali has been able to recognize some of the top MLPs that are sure to grow in the future and the investments in which would surely reap good returns. Matt Badiali says that investing in the MLPs he is suggesting would help them get Freedom Checks, which would aid to people’s wealth creation as well as retirement planning strategy. If you want to build a future that is free of financial worries, follow Matt Badiali today.

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David McDonald Discussion on the Success of OSI Group

David McDonald is renowned as the President of OSI Group. He is a graduate with a degree in Animal Science. In his discussion about his service and success in OSI, he pointed out that they always had customers because of their high-quality standards. They always managed to attract first customers. He noted that they handled and treated their staff members and clients as a family. They always ensured that all that their products and services were perfectly suitable for personal use which helps in maintain their customers. David McDonald stated that among the marketing plans that they have implemented and is working quite well in generating new business is becoming part of the local culture. They can offer products and services that win many customers hearts merely because they can perfectly meet customer requirements. They have also tremendously concentrated towards earning the trust of their customers.

When McDonald was asked of the toughest decision that he had to make in the recent past, he stated that he spends most of his time handling infrastructure and technical issues in China. He also noted that their primary objective is to establish a partnership with incredible suppliers and offer assistance to the government agencies. He affirmed that they always keep faith with these agencies and trust in that they are doing the right thing for the country. This comes with significant challenges that require tough decisions.

David McDonald noted that his success is grounded in the ability of his company to develop valuable partnerships with its clients and other organizations. They ensure that everything that they offer has a connection with the culture in specific geographical areas. This is what helps them to come up with a budget and effective decisions as well. They are quite aware that their global success comes from success in various regions that they deal with. Their main aspects are can-do ethic and entrepreneurship passion.

David McDonald noted that the development of their newest facilities in China has turned out as the most satisfying moment in the business. This stands as the actual representation of both time and resources that they have put into the nation. They have established huge investments with the aim of handling massive issues. He has excellent management and leadership skills that he implements towards operations. He will live to be remembered, and his work will be featured in all the lifetime of OSI.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Bridging the Gap Bewteen Elective Healthcare & Consumers

Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-accomplished doctor from New Orleans, and he has taken on a huge challenge in the medical-aesthetics-field. Since this guy actively lives a healthy lifestyle, he’s trying to connect consumers with elective-healthcare services. Dr. Mark McKenna will achieve this by introducing a brand new way to explore these services. OVME is the solution, and consumers will be able to come by its office, or they can have the services come to their homes. There are already numerous medical practitioners who are onboard. All the consumer has to do is to use an innovative app that can be downloaded to their smartphones. This app will connect the consumer with the best possible provider from this network.

What exactly is OVME? This medical-aesthetics facility is state-of-the-art thanks to its high-range of advanced technologies and creature comforts. The facility can be found in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. “Find the fountain OV you” is one of its many slogans. OVME offers a variety of medical-aesthetic procedures such as hydration therapy, B-12 shots, facials, lab testing, laser hair removal, micro needling, skincare, Botox treatments, Coolsculpting, weight-loss solutions and many more. Dr. Mark McKenna has certainly brought something new to the table. OVME is basically a second-generation version of ShapeMed Wellness Center. This particular medical-aesthetics facility was also founded by McKenna, and it hosted many of the same services as OVME. ShapeMed was a huge success prior to the launching of McKenna’s latest project. Thanks to its “Black Diamond” status, ShapeMed was the genesis to this medical-aesthetics revolution.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been in this sector of business for a decade. He has the knowledge, the skill, and the know-how, especially when it comes to these procedures. You won’t find too many other professionals with as many titles as this guy, and that’s 100 percent true.