Infinity Group Australia is Helping Families to manage their Debts and Pay them immediately

Infinity Group Australia is a financial organization that operates in the financial field with the aim of offering financial help to different individuals around the country. The purpose of the company is to ensure that individuals minimize the number of debts that they have to pay. This is done through paying financial obligations in such a way that large amounts of money are paid during the initial months, which will end up reducing the amount that should be paid in long-term. By ensuring that individuals have to pay their debts within the first months, an individual will not be paying much money later, which will free money for other purposes.


Paying large amounts of money at the beginning of the debt payment period is a debt reduction strategy. This is achieved by lowering the interest amount that will be paid by an individual. Moreover, the principal amount that should be paid remains the same, but you will not be required to pay the interests associated with the debts. Many companies out there do not allow the borrower to pay large amounts of your total liability at the beginning because they have a perception that they will lose money. Infinity Group Australia reviews note that the company is the best firm to help Australians who want to reduce their debts.


The most standout aspect of Infinity Group Australia is that the organization has organized all its strategies to meet the needs of the customers. This means that the organization uses all the necessary strategies that are geared towards helping individuals who need to manage their funds so that they can minimize their debts in the future and have a better life. However, the customers have to seek the services of the firm before it can give them the plan that will work for them. Moreover, the firm is always prepared to offer the best services to any individual in Australia who needs their services.


It is evident that were it not for the current needs of individuals; the company would not have found something to offer in the industry. For example, most of the families in Australia are not given the necessary advice when they wanted to acquire money or mortgages. Therefore, the role of Infinity Group Australia is to offer the support needed for such families so that they cannot make any mistakes. The purpose of the firm is to advise the customers so that they can make sound decisions before acquiring loans which will help them to get the necessary funding. Learn more:


Herbalife24 Products

Any person who is athletic or even wants to improve his or her energy and quality of life could benefit greatly from using Herbalife24 products. Herbalife24 is used by athletes as a performance-enhancing and comprehensive nutrition product that can last for as long as an entire day. They are known to work especially well before, during and after workout sessions to increase the training, recovery, and performance of the athlete.


Herbalife has several products available that are each custom-made for whatever type of athletic activity is performed each day. Herbalife can help improve the demands of athletic activities and training.


One product is the Herbalife24 Drive. It is used to provide enough hydration to replace valuable electrolytes that are lost during intense activity. The drive is easy to digest and will help the muscles keep up their energy levels.


Formula 1 Sport is another important product. This can be used any time of the day as a healthy meal that will fill the athlete’s needs for dietary products. It provides protein, energy, growth, and protection by containing antioxidants.


Herbalife24 Prepare helps the athlete to prepare for anything that can occur during physical activities. It should be taken before training or workouts to support blood flow and fast twitch muscle contractions.


Restore is the next product that is quite helpful in reducing any inflammation that is associated with all physical activities and workouts. It also contains an antioxidant protection that will enhance the immune function of the body.


For the purpose of rebuilding strength, Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength is the obvious choice. It is popular to help rebuild lean muscle by containing a mix of whey, casein proteins, and free amino acids. Rebuilt Strength is also important to support the immune function.


Herbalife24 Achieve is the product that comes in a bar form. This product will achieve greatness at any time of the day by containing natural ingredients such as cashews, tapioca, coconut oil, and dark chocolate that all increase fiber. Protein and energy are also other benefits of taking Achieve.

The Accurate Assessment and Claims Made By Authorities About The Ventures of Fortress Investment Group Today

It’s not an overstretched claim to say that Fortress Investment Group is already a first-rate alternative asset manager. In fact, many trusted authorities would vouch for the claims made in favor of Fortress Investment Group. However, two of the most updated and sensational news relaed to Fortress Investment Group can be found in the news portals, Hi-tech Chronicle and Chronicle of Week.

The Chronicle of Week makes a lot of accurate assessment of the things that go well in the operations of Fortress Investment Group. Among these many ventures, the article highlights the successful acquisition that Fortress has rendered with SoftBank, with a total of $3.3-Billion worth of final agreed deal. This acquisition is an astonishing landmark event in the history of Fortress and yet it is not even the most fundamental and successful event in the operations of the company. Fortress has seen even better favorable opportunities that grow its scale.

It may be bluntly said, too, that this acquisition does not imprison or constrain the creative talents of the principals of Fortress. While it is acquired by Softbank, Fortress would still be operating independently, unrestricted and free to innovate with ideas that improve people’s assets and heighten the growth levels of its investors. Softbank, on the other hand, gets a lot of boost in its already fluorishing growth. Softbank is part of more than 400 internet companies and tech start-ups, and the acquisition of Fortress can give it a better guide in a direction most familiar only to companies like Fortress.

The Hi-Tech Chronicle about Fortress is specifically about the new train project under the helm of Fortress. This train project would be led by Wes Edens, one of the principals or founders of what we know of Fortress today. With this train project, many commuters in Miami as well as the people in Lauderdale could get the convenience badly want and deserve.

Traffic would no longer be an issue with these people. And there would be more work, business and personal opportunities that would spring because of this new project from Fortress. And interesting enough, Fortress is still not stopping there.

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Guilherme Paulus Loves His Country Of Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is the mastermind behind CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., a company in the exciting country of Brazil. Brazil is a place where one can find all sorts of wildlife, landscapes, peoples and foods. It is known for its Amazonian forest, and the density of trees that it provides for the world. Understanding the vastness of his country, Guilherme Paulus opened his tour operator company with the goal in mind of going people extra ways to plan their vacations. See Related article at to learn more.

Guilherme Paulus isn’t the only businessman who realized the potential of his country. Other men, all over the world, have built businesses that thrive off of the space and resources found in their countries of origin. From the time that Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 to now, the world has changed into a much different, more developed place. Throughout all of those years, some people have gone with the flow—not really doing anything to spur this progress but just going along with it and whatever happens in the world. Guilherme Paulus is not one of those people. He is a person who has been directly involved in the progress.

His involvement in this progress has involved the production of hotels and resorts. He loves life in his country, and he feels obligated to create as many opportunities for other people to enjoy life in his country as possible. All of the facilities that he runs accepts everyone from every creed, color, race, religion, gender, level-of-able-bodiedness and affiliation. You are not going to go to his hotels and be discriminated against just because you look like you have a certain ethnic background, or because you have a certain last name. His facilities are also open to hire anyone from any persuasion or walk of life. Paulus’s hotels hire Brazilians for jobs that are much needed.

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Jason Hope – Pioneer in Anti-Aging

If you are in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond, I am sure you have seen a recent photograph and wished for your former youthful days. Well, thanks to Anti-Aging Pioneer, Jason Hope, we may be able to delay aging for some time. Across the world scientists and others look to him as a futurist. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

SENS Foundation

Just one of the many contributions that Jason Hope has made includes a very generous in the amount of $1,000,000 so that a lab dedicated to the study of anti-aging could be set up on the campus located in Cambridge, England. This contribution can help make great strides into understanding aging and combating aging.

How did he Feel About IoT?

IoT or the Internet of things refers to the ever-increasing technology that is being connected. This example is just one of many that you can find out about Jason Hope. Another example though is, being able to turn your car on from inside or setting your indoor temperature at home while still at work. These are all things that we would have a positive impact on our lives. This technology travels over into all areas of our life including healthcare. Here he says while some fear increasing technology with healthcare that they should not. The benefit outweighs the risk. Doctors can easily see lab tests, Xray, CT Scans, and MRIs, without even having to pick up the phone. It will save time for you because most of your information would already be available so no more filling out all those prescriptions.

Jason Hope wants there to be Limits

Jason Hope wants to see people being able to live fuller happier lives. He does not be to see people, or scientists trying to have a person live forever. He says that’s something that would be good for the rest of the body; but who couldn’t use a few extra years to accomplish what you dreamed of?

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The Purpose of Jason Hope Tees and What They Support

While Jason Hope is donating millions to the research for anti-aging, he also has a business known as “Jason Hope Tees”. This apparel and fashion entity has a purpose. This company is also based in Arizona where Jason Hope currently lives, and it’s purpose is to create apparel that is light and fun. The items created by the team at Jason Hope tees can be purchased on, but you may be able to pick them up at a conference where he is speaking. Find out more about Jason Hope on Arizona Capitol Times.

If you look on the website, you can find the latest jobs available. There isn’t much information about the company other than the fact they want to keep it fun and light. This is probably due to the fact that Jason Hope is a very positive person, and he is focused on furthering noteworthy causes. Above all, he is a very generous person and a blossoming entrepreneur always looking for more opportunities.

There is a lot more to Jason Hope than meets the eye, including his latest interest in the internet of things. This part of his life is connected to the interest of how the internet keeps all things connected. Can you imagine if everything you ever used was all connected by wireless internet? This is what Jason is researching now, and he believes that using it fully will improve everything.

Air travel he believes will become safer as the result of IoT, and he also believes that it will make using air travel easier. Additionally, he is always writing now about the use of IoT, and perhaps how it will accelerate the projects he is currently involved with. Because Jason is deeply involved with tech on numerous levels, many eyes are watching him. He is adamant about using IoT to improve every day life, and to improve things that we use every day. This means whether it’s about kitchen devices, appliances, and even streetlights, Jason is trying to find ways to use IoT to improve it for safety and convenience.

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How Michael Hagele Helps The Entrepreneurs Of Silicon Valley

Michael Hagele is a Silicon Valley-based lawyer who manages his own practice. He exclusively helps tech companies with their legal issues such as compliance, intellectual property rights, licensing, and other legal matters. He is additionally an investor who has put his own money into tech companies as well as a number of restaurants. He negotiates contracts for his clients who are headquartered from the San Francisco Bay Area down to the greater Los Angeles region.

Before he became a lawyer Michael Hagele worked in a car wash while attending the University of Iowa. He graduated in 1992 with degrees in English and Political Science. He moved to the Bay area and earned his law degree in 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. While attending this school he edited the Berkeley Technology Law Review publication, including its digital content. Read more about Michael Hagele at

In order to efficiently manage his workday he makes sure he schedules his priorities for the day once he arrives at his office. He spends his day drafting legal documents regarding intellectual property, contracts, and licensing matters. He also keeps in contact with his client’s during the day whether that is a phone call, email, or texting. He says that many evenings he continues to work by answering his client’s questions and handling any matter that crops up.

In his spare time, Michael Hagele is an avid bike rider, especially when it comes to mountain biking. He has been passionate about mountain biking for many years and tries to get at least one run in every day. He says that he enjoys the challenges of riding a bike down a mountain and anticipating the hazards that are ahead of him. He says that he also does his best thinking when riding his bike and usually comes up with his best business ideas when doing so.

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Sightsavers Mission to Eliminate Preventable Blindness

Sightsavers is an organization and charity based out of the United Kingdom, who help to eliminate preventable blindness and protect their sight. They also fight for disability rights in those cases that cannot be treated leading to permanent blindness. They have been saving people’s vision for over 60 years and have treated over 200 million people. Working with governments around the world, Sightsavers provides education about avoidable blindness and aids people to access clean water to ultimately prevent river blindness. They also help treat conditions like cataracts by a simple surgery and give out medicine to treat trachoma, a reaction from a black fly bite that could cause vision changes or blindness. In many underprivileged parts of the world, Sightsavers protects the rights that may cause a person to be disabled and help with vocational training and advocate them to help with equal employment.


In recent news, the Department of International Developments, Global Disability Summit– which is the world’s first disability summit- confirmed the developing organizations by Sightsavers will deliver 13 million pounds to the UK Aid Connect program in places such as Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria to aid people who have blindness disabilities find work and/or receive the care they need.

In a six-year development program led by Sightsavers, they are finding ways to aid 100,000 people with disabilities acquire health care services. Another 100,000 children with disabilities go to school, and 45,000 people living with disabilities to increase their income. Dominic Haslam is the Sightsavers Director of Policy and Program Strategy, and he states, “The UK Aid Connect funding will allow us to look at the larger-scale impact. We look forward to seeing people with disabilities being able to use their skills, take up opportunities and be given a chance to play a full part in the social, economic and political development of their communities.”


Over 80 percent of the cases of blindness could be prevented with minimal treatment. Today, over 45 million people in the world are blind, in which the 80 percent of those could have been prevented or cured.

The Story Behind Robert Ivy’s Noel Polk Reward

Robert Ivy, the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), is no stranger to rewards and acknowledgments. Most recently, he was awarded Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award and became the first architect to receive Polk Award.

Education And Career

Robert Ivy received a masters degree in Architecture at the Tolane University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Art, which he earned at the University of South (Sewanee.) In 1991 Robert became EIC for the Architectural Record.

Later in his career, Robert also became a vice president as well as the ED for the McGraw-Hill Construction Media (which included several magazines, such as the SNAP, Sweets, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, and others. Find out more at

Previous Rewards

Robert Ivy received a lot of rewards for his work. In 1998, he earned the McGraw-Hill Award, in the category for Management Excellence. Also, while he was the Editor in Chief for Architectural Record, they received numerous rewards: the most significant of these honors was the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award, in the category for General Excellence.

Furthermore, Robert earned Crain Award, back in 2009, which is the highest possible award given by the American Business Media. In 2010, Ivy was proclaimed Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, a professional fraternity for students that study architecture or architecture-related subjects.

He is the only architect in 21. Century to receive this award. Moreover, Ivy is one of seven people that have accepted this award since the Alpha Rho Chi’s founding (1914.)

Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Most recently, Robert Ivy received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, handed by the MIAL. Consequently, he became the first architect to receive Noel Polk award. The reward symbolically crowned Ivy’s life on both personal and professional level.

The AIA president (also an FAIA, just like Ivy) Carl Elefante was delighted by this news, claiming that Ivy is a worthy ambassador for all architects. Only six individuals received the Noel Polk award, including Morgan Freeman, of which the most popular one is Morgan Freeman and Leontyne Price (to name a few.)

Nancy LaForge (president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters) said that no one does a better job of promoting architecture and bringing its whereabouts to the eyes of the public than Robert Ivy; this was the reason why he was the one to receive the award.




Why I Want To Be A Surf Air Member

I wish I could be a member of Surf Air. It’s the country’s first private air travel club which gives members unlimited monthly charter flights. Add that to the fact that the airline has just now expanded to 20 new different European cities and you have one of the best services in the United States.

Just imagine being able to arrange a charter flight for you and your friends to Milan for the weekend. That’s completely possible with Surf Air based out of Santa Monica, California. You could just jump on your own plane and you’re in Zürich, Luxembourg or Nice in just a few hours.

And it gets even better. It was just announced that construction was completed on the airline’s private terminal at LAX airport. This private terminal allows its members to fly right through the gate and onto their planes. They don’t have to deal with massive crowds of people have never been to an airport before. They don’t have to wait in line for TSA security checks. They get their own TSA and customs. Plus, members are driven right out onto the tarmac to the plane while their bags are handled for them.

It also seems that the rich get richer. Surf Air wants its customers to network with the most powerful people in the country. That’s why they have partnered with Founders Card which is a membership community of powerful business people. Being a member of allows you access to top hotels and resorts as well as awesome airport lounges all over the world.

Surf Air has also linked up with Blade Air in the Northeast. This air service out of New York City is almost as cool. They fly their customers on helicopters and seaplanes to some of the wealthiest areas of the Northeast including East Hampton and Newport. Surf Air club members are also allowed into Blade Air’s seven different lounges across airports in the Northeast.

And the company has just announced free membership upgrades to already existing customers in order to celebrate five years of flying. This just makes me want to be a member even more.

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