Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Plans for a Successful Bradesco Bank

     In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was chosen to become the next president of Bradesco Bank, one of the largest banks in Brazil. The board of directors of the bank has chosen their executive vice president to lead the company because of his impressive track record, and they knew that he would be an asset for the company. The company had to choose a new president because his predecessor had to retire, due to old age. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi emphasized that his leadership would focus on how he could be able to make Bradesco Bank the leading financial institution in the country once again. Due to the merger of Banco Itau and Unibanco, Bradesco Bank lost its investors, and they have transferred their assets to the newly-created Itau Unibanco. What the newest president wanted to happen is to lure the investors back to the company and increase their assets once again.

To gather ideas, he had to call out meetings and asked his fellow executives about a grand plan that would work out. One of the best plans according to his colleagues would be the acquisition of financial management firms across the country because it would increase their assets dramatically. He started looking for the best candidates and set his eyes upon HSBC Brazil, one of the largest financial institutions in the country at that time. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to speak with the company’s executives, and he relayed his plans for HSBC Brazil. The executives of the company rejected his proposal, but the persistent president did not give up easily. He changed the contracts and modified it until the executives wanted what was written. The agreement was signed by both parties months later, and HSBC Brazil was sold for $5.2 billion.

It was the largest transaction in the history of Bradesco Bank, and because of the news that it created, investors started coming back, increasing the company’s assets. Bradesco Bank under Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi continued to acquire smaller financial institutions, with the aim of improving their total assets held. Because of the hard work of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the company soon regained their distinction and tailing closely to their rival bank.

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Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Drew Madden

If you’re not familiar with Drew Madden, then allow this article to provide you with a brief oversight regarding the enterprising businessman. Madden is a managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare, an information technology company aimed at providing healthcare information technology solutions to small and middle market clients. Madden wholeheartedly believes that harnessing the power of technology is a great way to even the playing field for all companies, big and small.

According to an article in Biz Journal, a North Carolina-based newspaper chain, Madden states that innovation and technology can work synergistically in a healthcare space, making it possible for small companies to compete with their much larger counterparts. With that said, Drew Madden, along with business partners Rebecca Bottorf, Aaron Friedman, and Jeff Leach, have worked collectively to bring to market customized healthcare information technology solutions, as well as implementation and advisory services, to a large spectrum of clients.

With regard to his background, Drew Madden attended the University of Iowa where he earned a BSE in Industrial Engineering in 2002, before starting his career as an Integration Consultant with Cerner Corporation in the same year. In his role with Cerner Corporation, a supplier of health information technology solutions, services, devices and hardware, Madden worked to implement clinical applications for Chicago-based hospitals. In an effort to broaden his career horizon, Madden severed ties with the company in 2006 to join Ingenix, a healthcare-consulting firm where he was tasked with implementing inpatient applications for multiple states in the Midwest.

In 2011, Madden had his sights set on joining an organization where he would be in a leadership role, which led to him serving as the Vice President of Nordic Consulting Partners, a trusted advisor in the healthcare systems sector. In this role, Madden oversaw consulting operations, business development, recruiting, and many other day-to-day operations for the company. He also helped grow the company’s workforce from 10 to over 700 employees while also growing its business portfolio from 3 client partners to more than 150. Needless to say, Evergreen Healthcare is in capable hands with Drew Madden at the helm of the organization.

Bruno Fagali: An Astute Legal Expert

     The legal profession is one of the most respected work fields in the world. However, this does not mean that the profession has no challenges. In fact, this is one of the most exacting and difficult work fields in the world. Therefore, legal experts must demonstrate a lot of commitment and passion for what they do in order to be successful. A perfect example of legal experts that have made a name for themselves as a result of hardwork and commitment to duty is Bruno Fagali from Brazil.

There are many legal experts around the world but very few stand out from the rest. In the case of Fagali, the great Brazilian attorney exemplifies professionalism an unbelievable work ethic that can only be matched by few. He is always committed to excellence and has made a lot of sacrifices throughout his career.

Fagali is expected to continue performing well in the coming years considering the amount of hardwork and dedication he puts in all his legal engagements. His fellow attorneys have a lot of respect for him based on what he has achieved throughout his career. Bruno’s success is also attributed to his countless business connections and relationships he has managed to build over the years. The fact that he has managed to work for high profile clients provides him with a very impressive resume.

In addition, Bruno specializes in a wide range of legal areas including; Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory Law. His ability to handle a wide range of cases made him to expand his client base. In other words, Bruno is a brilliant legal expert that deserves all the accolades and recognition he has received over the years. Also, the fact that has been practicing in different law disciplines since 2006 means that he has already built an unprecedented reputation in the Brazilian legal fraternity.

Apart from running a private law firm named Fagali Law Firm; Bruno is also the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova. His immense contributions to the industry make him to stand out in the competitive Brazilian legal industry. As an accomplished legal expert, Bruno continues to play major role in the transformation of Brazil’s legal system through his in-depth knowledge and real experiences.


HCR Wealth Advisors: Advisement, Not Management

HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth management company based out of Los Angeles, California. Many people confuse HCR Wealth as being a money management firm, but that isn’t a correct definition of the firm. A money management company is typically dedicated to asset allocation and is performance-based. A wealth management company offers a comprehensive solution to their client’s financial needs, which includes education, goal setting, financial planning, and asset management.

A positive client relationship is of the utmost importance to HCR Wealth Advisors. They take the time to listen to and understand their client’s individual needs. Additionally, they serve all different types of people.

Creating financial security is not something that happens overnight, but takes time, work, and consistency. HCR Wealth Advisors uses a seven-step process to help their clients gain financial security. First, they plan. Together with the client, they determine exactly what assets are available and create goals and objectives. Second, the advisors determine what their clients need in order to meet their financial goals. Third, they determine the best investment strategy. Fourth, the client receives login information that gives them access to their online portal. The online portal provides information about assets, liabilities, and net worth valuations. Fifth, goals and investments are reviewed and tracked. Sixth, the client’s portfolio is monitored and analyzed. Lastly, the advisors continue to evaluate and modify the plan as needed.

In a published article from, it says that the team at HCR Wealth Advisors is made up of certified financial planners, licensed securities brokers with FINRA, chartered financial analysts. Individuals at the firm also are licensed as a California insurance agent and hold California real estate licenses. In addition to these team members who offer a wide range of expertise, clients are assigned a team to help them on their financial journey. The team typically includes the lead advisor, the financial planner, and the analyst. This team works to ensures that clients’ long-term goals are met or exceeded.

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Ryan Seacrest Successful Entertainment Media Icon

As the host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest has been very successful with the popular television music competition show that is set to air again for the Spring of 2018.

Ryan Seacrest is a successful, award-winning, entertainment entrepreneur who is involved in many different areas of the entertainment industry as a producer and host. He holds top positions across entertainment industries such as nationally syndicated broadcast and cable television, as well as local radio stations.

As an entrepreneur, he has been involved in several different types of entertainment and media companies. He also has philanthropic interests which focus on youth initiatives which have been received successfully on a nationwide level.

He hosts “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” which is a nationally syndicated radio show in Los Angeles and it is the number 1 radio show for morning commuter’s driving time for iHeartMedia 102.7 KIIS-FM. He also has a Top 40 radio show which is nationally syndicated as well.

Ryan Seacrest is also an executive producer and co-host on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” which is a syndicated show through Disney and ABC.

He also heads business enterprises which involves a clothing line for men called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” which is sold only at Macy’s, and also a skincare line for men called “Polished by Dr. Lancer.” The Polished skincare line is a partnership that Ryan Seacrest has with famous dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

Seacrest is chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a philanthropic enterprise which has about 10 broadcast media centers located in pediatric hospitals around the country and in various cities. These media centers also bear the Seacrest name.

Seacrest also heads an Emmy winning production company called Ryan Seacrest Productions that produces many of the hit E! television series such as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“,

He is also a board member on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and also serves with the Grammy Foundation as an honorary chair member.

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What are Freedom Checks?

What are Freedom Checks?

As you serve through various websites via your smartphone or through your computer, it is likely that you have come across Freedom Checks. This entails vital information like how individuals are making significant returns from this venture. Such commercials will also direct you on how to initiate your first investment. However, without proper knowledge of all that goes on in this venture, many individuals tend to be reluctant with the whole process. As such, distinguish facts from fictions to make an informed decision. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

Is Freedom Checks a fraud?

Actually, Freedom Checks and all its entity is a genuine venture that can help prospective investors to make a significant return from their investments. However, with the advancements in technology, fraudsters and cons also inhabit this venture like any other online operation hence prompt measures should be ensured before investments are initiated. As such, before any investment is made, the investor should be on the outlook to ensure that there are working with the most reputable service provider in the market. Although this can be challenging at times, carrying out a thorough search online will undoubtedly clarify that this business has nothing to do with fraud but is ethical. Additionally, a hand of the most experienced online investors and other affiliates should also be considered, to eradicate the fear of doubt.

What are Freedom Checks?

This venture is based on actual investment strategy. As such, this venture pays a computed return to the investors based on the amount of their investment. However, an investor is required to collaborate with master limited partnerships to succeed in the process of payment. In simpler terms, this investment operates in a way closely related to what happens when one invest in the stock exchange market. When it comes to the returns after investing, experts say that this venture in partnership with the master limited partnerships offers some of the highest returns to the investors. This range is between figures of 5 to 9 per cent. This implies that if you invest a minimum of ten dollars, you will probably earn less than one dollar that year. Therefore, the higher the stack invested, the higher the expected return.




Jim Toner – Keys To Happiness And Success

Entrepreneur and teacher, Jim Toner, has taught people his strategies to financial freedom using his 12 Little Houses Plan. He has been in the real estate investment business for more than two and a half decades. Toner is a successful businessman, his expertise and personal experiences and values are keys to his happiness and success.

Take Care of Your Mind and Body mentioned that Jim Toner starts his day spending time clearing his mind and simply thinking. He is an avid reader who believes in the mental power and life lessons that can be learned, and he makes reading daily a part of his morning regimen. He is at the gym first thing in the morning pushing himself and working his body. Jim enjoys listening to podcast of books while he is working out.

This type of routine takes discipline. Taking care of the mind and body is essential to increasing productivity. And being productive will have a positive effect on any business venture.

Jim Toner’s Strategy to Growing a Business

Money does not equal your self worth it is simply a tool to use in life. Be realistic, failure and being broke is not the end of the road it is, however, an opportunity to learn and get back out there and take action. Each day brings with it a chance to rebuild and move forward in life.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner suggest daily reading. Read, read and read more, you can learn from those who have succeeded. Pay close attention to the habits of successful entrepreneurs. Take note of what has worked, and be determined to achieve goals. Study, implement and repeat worthwhile and successful habits that you learn. There are no excuses, today you can listen to books.

The Power of Giving Without Expectations

One strategy that Jim Toner shares, learn to give away your money and feel good about helping someone else. Jim is a real estate investor, writer, teacher and philanthropist. He works with the homeless, veterans and is on the Advisory Board Chair for a Salvation Army branch in PA.

If you want to be happy and successful in life then start giving to others. He recommends that you should give one tenth of every dollar. Focus on how good it feels to use your money to help someone else and you will see a it return to you multiplied. But Toner is clear, if you begin giving then do it with absolutely no expectations.

Jim Toner is a successful businessman, but he has faced pitfalls and failures. He has a positive attitude, and has shared his story about how he was able to over-come failure in his “Jim Turner is Dead” manifesto.

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Neuroscientist Jorge Moll’s Study Lends Validity to Previous Spiritual Theories of Generosity

Brazilian Neuroscientist Jorge Moll spearheaded a study at the National Institute of Health in 2006 that has brought up a lot of questions about how our brain’s physiology can affect our sense of altruism and morality. Moll and colleague Jordan Grafman designed the study which scanned the brains of participants when they were given scenarios in which they were asked whether they would donate money to charity or keep it.


What the study found was that when participants made the decision to donate and be charitable, it activated a primordial part of the brain. This more primal brain component is connected to the more basic functions such as the brain’s response to food and even sex. Based on these findings, morality and altruism do not seem to be part of the more ethical, advanced type of thinking, but instead is more or less linked to the brain’s responses to human pleasures. Thus, it seems we as humans are charitable because of how good it makes us feel when we give, knowing we are actively helping our fellow man, or other creatures of the world. When one thinks about lessons from spiritual leaders and theorists who have been saying for years upon years that giving and being generous with what we have can fulfill us more than taking and keeping everything, this study validates this.


Jorge Moll is the President and Senior Researcher of D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specializing in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. He is the head of the Cognitive Neurosciences Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup at the Institute. In 2008, he was elected an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and from 2012 to 2013 a governor’s board member of the International Neuroethics Society. He received the Research Fellow NIH Award for the years 2004 through 2007, as well as the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute, Stanford University, in 2015.


How Ambition And Hard Work Groomed Lee May Into The Man He Is Today

While the real estate is termed as one of the most lucrative business deals, it still poses a considerable risk for the players. The fact that it is also one of the most competitive industries does little to help and chasing the elusive success in this field can prove to be quite an uphill task. But with proper motivation and hard work to match it up, succeeding here is imminent. This was lee may strategy into carving out a name for himself as one of the most successful developers in the London real estate market. But what did it take to get here and how has this position influenced his life.


Getting to the top


From an early start, Lee May understand that you need to first find the base of a ladder before you start the climb. He would, therefore, start as a supporting laborer in construction sites at the age of 16. He would later join North West ken College where he graduated with a certification in bricklaying. He started out as a bricklayer but he wasn’t cut out for the labor part and had become bricklayer subcontractor by the age of 23. Five years later, Lee was running the biggest and most recognizable brickwork subcontracting company south of England with an employee base of over 600.

He would use this new exposure to experiment on his entrepreneurial talent by investing in numerous projects around the country and abroad. The new-found fame also exposed him to some of the most complex building projects in a construction industry career that would span for the next 25 years. Over the years, national and international construction companies like Beamridge have consistently turned to him for professional advice on how to go about developing some of their complex projects.


How success influenced him


Lee May is driven by the desire to of becoming one of the largest developers in south-east London. This, however, hasn’t stopped him from engaging in numerous philanthropic courses that help uplift the community and courses he holds dear to heart. Most recently he engaged in a fund drive aimed to help Nemesis Boxing Club raise £20,000 to buy a bus for the transport of its youthful boxing enthusiasts.


The Custom Companies Uses Technology and Customer Service For Success

The Custom Companies provides full service transportation services, and has offices in California and Illinois. The company has drivers in several parts of the country that drive trucks. Today it has over 2,000 pieces of equipment, and many employees.


The most important aspect of the company is the mutual respect and quality service the employees provide to customers. They work to meet the needs of their customers shipping needs on a personal level. Services are customized to the customers needs.


The company provides several quality transportation services to companies. Some of these services are international and domestic freight, direct mail distribution, ground shipping, logistics management, and pick and pack services. They trucks are temperature controlled. They treat each client as a partnership and make their goals a reality.


The Custom Companies currently holds the ISO 9001-2008 certification, and the company employees strive to help customers in whatever way they can. The provide services for regular shipments and last minute shipments on holidays. Workers always check to make sure shipments are correct the first time. There is a standard of accuracy to get shipments right the first time.


Company employees are trained to work as part of a team. CEO of The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera served in the military, as a Marine, and learned teamwork. He uses his training to promote strong bonds between employees. The company values customer feedback, and develops strong relationships with clients too.


The company has a user friendly websites with unique features that is easy to use. They used client feedback when designing the website. Their technology provide tracking on shipments for clients, accounting, fast quotes, and other services.


One software the company uses is Cheetah Dispatch. It is for company drivers and gives them information on delivery time, pickup times, and schedules. Each driver has a tablet with satellite tracking that uses this software. It eliminates paperwork and time consuming tasks. The Dock Management software uses bar codes for all shipments eliminating paperwork, and Warehouse Management allows clients to track shipments.


Customer service and technology make this company a success for employees and clients.