HCR Wealth Advisors’ View on Trade Wars

The United States has always taken a cautious approach when dealing with trade-war issues. This is after the protectionist agreement made after the Depression War negatively impacted the United States’ imports. Under the law, any import into the country was highly overcharged due to raised tariffs that resulted from this agreement. This has been a problem for the country for many years, and those who experienced the 1930s trade wars are always cautious about repeating the mistakes of the past.

In recent times, trade disagreements have once again been highlighted. The United States president, Donald Trump, called on the Chinese government to abolish the trade policies that have negatively affected the US since they were created. President Trump feels that these policies, once abolished, will give his citizens a better trading platform than before.

The US has announced that they will impose a tariff of an average of $100 billion on all Chinese imported goods. In response, China has put defensive measures in place and this feud is set to last an extended time before it ends. HCR Wealth Advisors report that the good news to traders is that these tariffs are projected to be implemented from August onwards. Therefore, there is time for the two nations to arrive at an amicable solution before the actual implementation happens.

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