Jed McCaleb – At The Forefront Of Blockchain Since The Beginning

Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur who stands poised to change the game in the blockchain industry with his company Stellar. Jed McCaleb has made some bold predictions which include future disruptions for areas such as the stock market and global payments. These disruptions will be due to the blockchain revolution. Jed has played his own major role in the rise of blockchain as the founder of the famous Mt. Gox. As someone who has been with the blockchain and crypto fields since their early days, Jed McCaleb is excited about the fact that they are on the brink of becoming mainstream.

Jed McCaleb’s founding of Mt. Gox had interesting beginnings as it was initially a service that was tied into the Magic: The Gathering community. When Jed McCaleb became immersed in the world of bitcoin in 2010 he then transformed Mt. Gox into an exchange for the trading of bitcoin. Jed sold Mt. Gox to a developer named Mark Karpelès in 2011.

Jed McCaleb’s main current pursuit is Stellar. The company provides the opportunity for people to exchange money through an open source protocol. It is part of Jed’s goal to fix the world’s financial industry. He feels that it is broken, and it is time to move into the future in the present. Many nonprofit organizations have benefitted from the existence of Stellar. This has particularly been the case for organizations that operate outside of the developed world. Stellar serves the payment provider KlickEx in the area of payment solutions between international borders.

In an article published on CNBC, it was mentioned that Jed McCaleb also adds to his busy schedule by serving as an advisor with Machine Intelligence Research Institute in its work on developing AI in an ethical manner. The Machine Intelligence Research Institute takes a progressive stance in its fundraising efforts and accepts cryptocurrencies in its efforts to change the world.

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