Jeunesse Global Continues to Deliver Exciting New Products

Jeunesse Global is increasingly becoming one of the most recognized names in the global health and beauty direct marketing industry. Because of its rapid success, Jeunesse has captured the attention of some of the top players in the health and beauty space, recruiting many of them to its ranks to sell both its products and its business plan.

The company was founded just nine years ago by health and beauty power couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had long been involved in the industry, creating dozens of the most successful companies that the space had ever seen. Long since financially independent, Ray and Lewis had taken to decision to try the retired life once again. They wished to spend more time with their grandkids as well as spending their golden years with each other, taking their time and enjoying a slower pace of life.

But the serially entrepreneurial couple proved to themselves that they simple were not constituted for long hours of idleness and boredom. Ray and Lewis quickly grew restless being away from the world of business. Lewis began selling a few products out of the couple’s exquisite Florida mansion. Before long, Ray had dived headlong into the business, recruiting new distributors and selling the business plan himself to associates. Jeunesse Global was born.

The company was quickly able to develop a large portfolio of highly innovative products. One of those has been its energy drink. Called Nevo, the all-natural energy drink packs the same energy-infusing punch of more synthetic, chemical-laden drinks like Red Bull. But Nevo uses 100 percent natural ingredients in order to deliver its energy boost. This gives the drink a flavor that is much closer to true carbonated, fresh squeezed fruit juice than the chemical-like taste that one often gets from drinks like Red Bull.

Nevo is currently only available through Jeunesse distributors. It is one of the company’s secret weapons in recruiting new customers and distributors to what the firm has dubbed Generation Young, the long list of people whose lives have been positively changed by the consumption of Jeunesse Global’s products.

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