Securus Technologies Keeping Our Facility Safe

My job in the local prison is to make certain inmates can not acquire drugs of any sorts while behind bars. Any inmate that gets their hands on drugs become ten times more violent than they already are, and they can easily take an unsuspecting guard and put them in a life threatening situation. The frustrating part for my team of officers is that the prison population has exploded, and the inmates brag about being able to get drugs of any sort easily now.


When my superiors sat down with my team and discussed the possibility of Securus Technologies bringing their inmate call monitoring system to this facility, we were all on board. The Company makes software that monitors when the inmates use the jail phone, and can detect if anything is being said about drugs, weapons, or any sort of contraband. This was going to be big for us because it would not only do a better job of scanning calls, we could take those officers out of the call room and get them on the grounds making a stronger police presence.


Securus Technologies already has the monitoring system in 2,600 jails, and all 1,000 employees of this company work closely with law enforcement to increase safety for everyone behind the prison walls. We were eager to see that first week how many things the LBS software was able to pick up.


To my surprise, the software did an exceptional job. Me and my team got the alert when an inmate tried to get his father to bring him prescription drugs to the jail, when an inmate was talking about how he was ordered by a gang to sell drugs and kick up cash, and where an inmate hid his drugs inside the cell. Each time we took action to tighten up security.

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