Three Book Series to Pick Up While Waiting for The Winds of Winter



George R.R. Martin is saying that Winds of Winter may come out this year. But, we have heard this before, so here is three series to check out while you wait to find out what happens to Jon, Tyrion and Dany.

  1. Dune by Frank Herbert

The Dune Series is the bestselling Science Fiction series of all time and for good reason. Frank Herbert crafted a vast universe that spans thousands of years and lightyears. The Dune universe revolves of production and acquisition of mélange or “the spice”. Similar to the ASOIF, the Dune universe features a large cast of characters loyal to various factions with their own goals and justifications. Like ASOIF, it is difficult to say who the “good guys” in these books are which makes them all the more interesting.

  1. The Dark Tower by Stephen King

The Dark Tower has been called Stephan King’s magnum opus, and from the amazing attention to detail, to the short poems contained therein, it is a must read. The Story of Roland of the Eld and his Ka-Tet is an epic story the transverses worlds, times and realities. Dark Tower’s morally ambiguous cast of characters and unforeseeable plots twists will keep you guessing and rooting for Roland to finally reach the Tower.


  1. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

The story of Lestat and his Vampire Brethren has been adapted to the screen twice, but the screen does not do these stories justice. A large cast of characters, all power enemies and a backdrop of both the past and present, Rice’s Vampires will “suck” you into their world. After a number of years away from the series, Rice has started writing new additions to the series again, so you may well end up reading Winds of Winter while you wait for the upcoming sequel to Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.


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